Thinking of adding a small truck


Here is a photo of the setup in the truck. It would be a real tight fit with both setups. Since I use about 150 gallons of mix a day when cleaning cedar roofs 2 drums are pretty important.

If I stick with the Tacoma the best option is the flatbed like yours. I just can’t move myself to do it since I already paid for the graphics.


Thank you! I have a ball valve and a cam lock fitting on it. I just turn the ball valve and unplug it and let it empty


Would using a proportioner setup allow you to use 1 tank?


That’s kind of what I figured. Either that or you had a ball valve and a T that dumped it out. I’m seriously considering setting up a truck bed for the other truck (specifically for the guys who I don’t trust so much towing a trailer. Lol), so you’re particular set up is something I might mimic I.e. something simple ontop of a modded out pallet. I might PM you if that’s cool.


I’d put a filter on that supply hose asap. You wouldn’t believe the silt and crud that comes from city water.


I don’t blame you. It’s a considerable investment of time and money. I don’t think I’d put the effort into an older truck. I’m sure your Tacoma has a ton of life left in it, though.


How reliable are the cam locks on the line feeding machine?


Never ran a filter…never have had a problem.


You never will until you do, lol. They’re like $28. Cheap insurance. We have pretty good water down here but still have to clean my filter about 3 times/year and I’m a fanatic about flushing spigots before I hook up.


$20 to protect a, in my case at least, $900 pump, is a no brainer. Had a clean 515 gallon tank last March. Came out of my 20’ enclosed when I switched to the Sprinter, and it was full of silt. All city water.


Your standard inline filter that will allow good flow is such high micron that it’s doing very little.

A very low micron filter would be beneficial but the flow would be restricted.

These filters that are used on pressure washers are doing very little besides causing areas for leaks.

Your typical inline mesh filter is 400 microns…sorry but it’s not protecting anything


I only have the 2” bango Y filter with 80 mesh not sure how mesh converts to microns but the mesh holes are relatively large. It did catch some stuff when I put my baffling in the tank, but now I rarely see anything in it. Was supposed to add an inline filter before the tank but I forgot about it until I read this post.


The way it’s set up there wasn’t enough room between the tank and the pump. So I put it between the supply reel and the tank. You can see it in the photo. Also I figured this way it wouldn’t restrict the flow to the pump. I’ll just make sure nothing falls into the tank. But we have pretty clean water around here.


They are the banjo brand cam locks. This is the first time I have used them but from what most people on here have said they seem to be the best ones available. Hopefully it doesn’t fail. I suppose you could replace it every year to be safe. They don’t cost a lot.


Yeah cam locks are great… i just never thought about using them on the plumbing to machine. Didnt know if you ran into any issues compared to straight hose and traidtional fitting.

Might have to try it out this year, would be beneficial for my set up


I had a camlock on the buffer drum on my trailer setup. Never noticed any issues with sucking air or anything. Those camlocks clamp pretty tightly, and I imagine the gaskets are replaceable; they could be swapped out every couple of years for peace of mind.


Perfect, thank ya.


I’m sorry, but that’s the most ignorant thing I’ve heard all day. I just don’t understand why you would NOT spend the $25 and 5 mins of time to keep trash from going through your pump, unless you run a Home Depot special and just don’t care. Makes absolutely no sense to not install one. I have junk floating around in my filter right now, and it was cleaned out less than a month ago. You dang sure can’t tell me it’s good or ok for that to pass through a pump.


I run a filter before the buffer tank and a gigantic one after the buffer and before the pumps. They both get trash in them so I assume they’re doing some good! :man_student:


You have garbage coming out of your spigots? I mean if spigots are here were spitting out trash I’d run a filter as well lol jk

My point is that take everything in your filters…and times that by a thousand, and that’s everything that your filters didn’t catch. Your standard filter pre water softener is 10 micron… most of the ones you guys are running are 400 plus.