Thinking of adding a small truck

I’m thinking of adding a small truck to business… I was thinking about a small footprint truck mount, 150-200 gallon tank and a couple of reels…just keep it super simple for when I don’t want or need to haul my trailer…I was looking at this truck mount…price point and belt drive was right up my alley, general pump wasn’t really what I was looking for but thought I’d give it a shot.
Any pros or cons of this truck mount, or my Idea to try to simplify with a small truck would be appreciated

having everything on a truck with no trailer was very nice for me last season. But I will say I was cramped for space and you always want the extra tools with you on every job. It has it’s upsides and downsides!


@SchertzServicesLLC I can definitely see that im so used to my trailer having everything that i need and more lol…
I just picked up 4 sales lots in 3 surrounding towns and each lot has 30 small buildings…so 120 small buildings they want them rinsed down every 30 days…so lots of driving, I really don’t want to haul a trailer all over town for those buildings.
Plus another rig and truck would be never know when your going to need it!!


Just find you a Sprinter, then you get the best of both worlds. Tons of space and almost 30 mpg on the highway. Not for everyone, but it definitely works for me. I switched from a 20’ enclosed and absolutely love it!


That’s nice man, super organized

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Thanks! Still need to build shelves to get chems and parts more organized.

Are you going to use the tank as just a buffer or are you using it to supply the water?

@Deanswc…both, on small jobs I’d use the tank to transport water, and on larger jobs I’d just use it as a buffer.
If I need to transport water I’ve got two 275 gallon tanks on my dual axle trailer.

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Local guy has a nice set up on a Tacoma.


Great use of space where he put his advertising…and a nice clean setup!

With a buffer tank, I would go up to a 5@3000 or a 5.6@2500 machine. Faster for house-washing

I kind of envy Cleaned by Pete’s flatbed s10 on youtube. If I was building a second rig, I would probably do something very similar, maybe with a ladder rack added.

The old S10’s were crazy reliable little trucks. It’s what Grumman used for the base of the LLV, those USPS mini box trucks that are 30+ years old and still in service.


I know it’s not the ideal set up. But I have to load my roof cleaning skid in the truck sometime so I set it up so that I can lift out the pallet with the pressure washing set up as needed. It’s about as compact as I could get for a 5 gallon per minute machine with a 65 gallon tank. If I mounted the reels on the bed rails it would give more space but then I wouldn’t be able to unload it as needed. At the end of this season I’ll probably buy a tundra and then put everything on one flatbed.


@Infinity @Deanswc…I think I’m gonna pull the trigger on the Be 5gpm 3000psi with the belt driven comet pump…same footpring you guys talked me out of the 4gpm 4000…lol…maybe I talked myself out of it

What’s the price on that unit?

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@Deanswc $1339.00


You could have a local fabricator build a slide-in cradle skid similar to the softwash systems. You get a little more floor space, and don’t have to permanently mount anything to the bed.

A vertical 55 gallon tank would save a bunch more floor space, and with the float valve mounted in the lid like Chris Schertz did with his build your effective capacity would probably be the same as the leg tank you have.

What does your roof cleaning skid consist of, @Deanswc? We could probably figure out a way to make everything fit together. Put some air bags under that truck and you’ll be golden :wink:


That’s a great skid…If I made that myself it would weigh more than the truck…lol…I kind of overbuild things

Alex it’s a pretty simple setup. I have the fat boy bandit system mounted on a pallet with 2 55gallon drums. The pallet allows the drums to sit side by side against the back window and not be affected by the wheel wells. I’ll see if I can find a picture. The truck actually already has firestone airbags already. Then I put a add a leaf kit on as well. I can have 1200 pounds in the back no problem.

I’m not sure about putting anymore money into this setup. I’ll probably get a tundra around June one we see some cash flow again. But who knows I might change my mind and put it all on the Tacoma.

Stupid question, but how are you draining the buffer if you need to?

Edit: I should mention that i really like the setup