The quest for o rings!

I’m sitting here swapping out o rings with viton on my fittings for the season. Anyone one know of a company that sells fitting with viton o rings standard. Seems like it would be worth extra. Or maybe I was just looking for an excuse to stop. BACK TO THE INTENSITY!!!

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Where to get the best deal on viton in 3/8 & 1/4 was gonna be my question.

Pressure tek is dirt cheap. Never really shopped around.


I have not seen any that do. All fittings seem to come with generic o rings.

I just buy o-rings by the 50 count bag and swap them as needed or during weekly maintenance which is first.

I just swap them out as I need the new fitting. Sometimes I’ll even try to get a few uses out of the original one before just throwing it away. Just something about throwing them away that bothers me. If I use heat though I don’t have a choice.

I was forever having to change them things, both 1/4” and the 3/8” ones. Literally every week, one would pop or start to drip. The Viton seals did the same thing too. I’ve still got a bag of about 200 I bought in bulk ha ha.

Haven’t changed one for over 6 months or more now!

Part of my daily maintenance was to spray WD40 (not sure you have that over there) on all my QC fittings to keep the ball bearings from rusting (I live by the sea).

Turns out the o-rings didn’t like this and that was the cause of the failure. Swelling/softening.

Stopped doing it and the problem stopped :+1:t2:

Just thought I’d share :slight_smile:


If you still have issues with your ball bearings rusting try and find a silicone grease in a spray can. There should be a few different brands. I know PB Blaster makes one that should be for sale internationally. It’s not petroleum based like WD40 and won’t cause rubber to swell. It might work for you.


Thanks @marinegrunt :+1:t2: I’ll check that out :slight_smile:

racer keeps 2 different sizes of o rings on a carabiner on his key chain not sure if they are viton but ill probably do the same. Doesn’t seem ill to big of a hassle when you have them on you. Do vitons last longer or something @Sharpe?

I have also been spraying wd40 on my QC every time. I knew brake fluid would swell a rubber washer or o ring but i do that on purpose when in a pinch. I have some pb blaster i will switch to it. How about white lithium grease i have a ton of it.

Hold up better with chemicals


Me too!

Lol great minds think alike.

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Ok cool i need to order some im glad i seen this post.

I don’t mean the normal PB Blaster like we all call their penetrating oil. I mean their silicone spray. PB Blaster is just a brand name with quite a few different products. You might’ve known that already though. I just wanted to clarify though.

You’ll also need the viton o-rings when you get your hot water setup.

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Gotcha i have a can and a squeeze bottle of pb silicone. I just didn’t know that silicone spray was harmless to o rings and wd40 bad on them.

There’s a reason I keep that pool grease stuff in top of my tool box that you see me rub on o’rings. It protects them from you spraying with wd40, lol. The wd-40 doesn’t hurt it in short term but will over period of time.


The standard o rings might not be rubber, WD40 says safe for rubber :+1:t2:

Since I’ve stopped using it, I haven’t leaked or popped!

I googled WD40 & o rings…

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Viton o-rings are the way to go. I rarely have to change one out. I wished I would have learned that when I first started to save the frustration.

I have a small tub of red axle grease that I put on the ball brearings of my qc with a q-tip every few weeks. Works great


WD40 does contain petroleum distillates so I’m not so sure I buy that it’s safe for rubber. Not that I know though. I would think your experiment with it verifies that it isn’t safe?

They do actually sell o-ring grease. It’s probably the same stuff Rick has that he said is for pools.

This is what I use on mine.

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