The quest for o rings!

All this maintenance hey :joy:

Grease your rings, check your nuts…

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I prefer them.I seem to have less problems blowing rings since I switched. More chemical resistance for sure. Good for heat too.

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I used to work for a company called Lewis and goetz. They custom made gaskets for the oil feild and had viton in bulk. We would make custom gaskets out of it. Oil field supply companies have fittings for acid. I used to build acid systems for an oil field company 6 yrs ago. We would purchase fittings specialy designed for acid (stainless steel and viton seals).

I keep my o rings in a tiny tupperwear and coat them in Magic Lube, a pool gasket lubricant


Magic Lube…:wink: ha ha.


Here you go.


This actually makes sense, if it is actually formulated against chemicals(SH).