The Most Basic Soft Wash Setup


I’ve seen dozens of threads on here asking about a basic DIY SW setup. It really isn’t too complicated once you get into it. This is my first rendition and it was literally cobbled together 2 hours before I needed to use it on a Dryvit home. I believe total price was just over $400 so its definitely done on the cheap but it works surprisingly well for now.

(1) Marine Deep Cycle Battery
(1) REMCO Fatboy 7.0 GPM/60 PSI Pump
(1) Set of Battery Post Clamps
(2) 1/2" Hose Barbs
(2) Large Battery Boxes
(3) 50’ Sections of 1/2" Water Hose

It’s so simple and ugly but it does a great job!


Everything came from the local Atwoods so it can be easily acquired in a pinch.


And the wand? What did you use? Got a pic?


$25 for for a garden hose sprayer with a 1/4" adapter and a 1/4" quick release?


I would get better hose and probably a 5.5 vs the 7 gpm but it’s a winner either way!


I didn’t even get that intricate! It’s just a plain old hose nozzle and it’ll shoot at least 25’ vertically. Likely more but I haven’t needed to go that high.

It does require some attention to ensure that the hose connections and the cheap nozzle don’t leak everywhere. Like I said, it was made in a pinch and paid for itself on the first job. I will likely invest in the Bandit version 3 for this season and keep this setup on a small cart to haul around to hard to reach places. I believe @squidskc did something similar but I can’t find it now.


There’s a version 3?


Excuse me. It may not be the Bandit. Here’s the link:


Nice! Why didn’t you remove the rust stains?


Oh, believe me I wanted to. I also wanted to do his flatwork but he said he’ll do those himself. He swore by some rust remover product that he bought at one of the big box stores. I told him good luck with it and thanked him for his business. He was next door to one I was already doing and I had just bought this stuff the day he approached me so I got up early and threw it together, checked for leaks and rolled out. It would not be my first choice though!


What rust stains?


I assumed he was referring to the stains near the skirt of the house. They’re not actually rust stains, though. They are clay/red dirt stains. The same chemicals would do both jobs.


Gotcha! I didn’t zoom in on the pictures…they looked like rust stains. I stand corrected! True, same chemical works for both; assuming you’re talking about oxalic acid…


Yes or even F9 BARC. Both have produced excellent results for me so far.


Yes, I’ve used both but OA is cheaper…same results.


MUCH cheaper. I did have to use F9 to get some Ironite stains out of a driveway and sidewalks once. That stuff is wonderful but boy they’re proud of it.


For sure!


I believe they charge $150 for their instruction manual! :flushed:


That’s because red clay has iron in it. So technically he’s kinda right.


That’s true. However, most red dirt or clay also has aluminum oxides which contribute to the red color.