The Most Basic Soft Wash Setup


I figured I would update this post with my new addition. I picked this 65 gallon Norwesco leg tank up for $125 brand new at Tractor Supply today and plumbed it up to my super basic roof pump setup. Yes, the chains are ugly but I’m trying to find bands locally and hopefully a new 225 or 325 gallon leg tank this summer so my footprint may change dramatically.


Huh. I’m gonna have to do that to the graduations on my 65 gallon tank. Sure makes it easier to see.


I did the same to my tote when I got it. It’s just Sharpie so it can be redone easily.


I kind of like those chains lol, looks cooler than faded ratchet straps


I considered ratchet straps but that’s too easy for someone to cut and go. And I don’t own a small set of yellow straps to match the tote straps and that would bother me worse than chains


Thankfully I can say I have never had anyone try and steal my tanks. I rather them take the tank than whole rig lol. But good point, people will try and steal anything now a days. Had someone take a 5 gallon bucket out the back of my truck once, I hope they are getting more use out of it than I did lol


I’ve been unfortunate enough to encounter a couple of thieves in my day. I don’t give them anything of value easily but I do leave a few inexpensive items loose as easy targets. Most thieves will go for the quick grab rather than investing 15 minutes in taking something of value in order to avoid being caught. They can have my 5 gallon buckets and brushes lol


I did something very similar for direct chem application for the stadium I just did. You will want a reel for the hose after a couple of days. Just a PITA to hand roll every time.

The only thing different was I added a 3-way valve to the inlet and kept a second hose to transfer SH into the feed tank. Just made it a bit easier to fill the feed tank.


I am just getting ready to set up my soft wash, why would you say the 5.5 instead of the seven?


Great build thanks for sharing with everyone.


I thought the chains looked really cool.


You guys are making me question whether to switch to bands or not lol


Dude, you are a hardcore power washer! Fly that flag proud!