The Little Trailer that could!

Good morning everybody, i finally finished my trailer (for the most part). So i wanted to share this with everybody. @Racer has been a huge influence in this and has been a huge help for me along the way. Anyway, my name is Dominick and I’m in the South Florida area (along with 8,075,976 other washers) I haven’t posted much but I’ve been reading this forum for a little over a year now as well as all the facebook groups. Essentially just non-stop reading everything i can. I’ve been washing for a few years now as a side business and im growing more and more. My wife and I just had a baby and also bought our first house about 6 months ago so once we had a garage i was finally able to start building my rig. I only have a small 1 car garage so this was the biggest trailer i could fit in there while still being able to access the washer and dryer in the back of the garage.

I wanted to post this thread because i feel like we were overdue for a solid trailer build that will really help guys in building their own rigs. I want this to help guys with their layout, or as a reference with plumbing, anything and everything. I will be more than happy to help with where i bought certain things or little tips that i figured out along the way (such as the holders for my hoses), as well as prices so you have an understanding of how much can go into these rigs. I went a little overboard and did Stainless Steel on literally everything i possibly could from the fittings on my pressure hose to all the nuts, bolts and washer for mounting things to the trailer. I’m also waiting on my friend, he designed my logo and now hes building the design for the sign i will have on the rear gate. Pics of that will follow in the next few weeks.

Anyway, lets get down to it…
Parts List:
~Trailer (5x9)
—Painted with Behr Deckover Paint
~Honda GX670 (7gpm/3k)
—(Battery enclosed in a Noco Marine Case w/ Heavy duty foam to keep it tight)
~9 1/2 gallon Aluminum Fuel Tank
~145gl Buffer Tank (See below for Plumbing)
2" Bulkhead > 2" Banjo 6" long pipe > 2" Banjo 3-way Valve > 2" Banjo Elbow > 2" to 1.5" reducer > 1.5" Banjo Water Filter > 1.5" to 1" reducer > 1" Stainless Steel Barb > 1" Crush Proof Hose > 1" Stainless Steel Barb into Pump.
Note: Per Banjo Tech Rep “Do NOT use Teflon Tape on fittings. It is recommended to use RectorSeal® Tru-Blu™”
~50gl Chem Tank
~Hannay Hose Reel (High Pressure) (P/N: 1520-17-18) – (also has the 5k psi bar upgrade)
—200’ Grey Non-marking Hose w/ all SS fittings (custom from JGB)
—Downstream bypass kit connected to Hannay Reel against the frame of trailer
—7gl soap tank for downstreaming w/ 1" PVC tube as a place holder for the injector
~Summit Hose Reel (Water Supply)
—200’ Flexzilla 5/8" Hose w/ Banjo Camlock for connection to spigot
—Gilmour 2-way connector (1 going to tank, 1 going to small garden hose)
~Titan Hose Reel (Chem Reel for 12V)
~Whisper Wash SC w/ Upgraded 4 nozzle bar
~Aluminum Box for 12V Pump & battery setup
~Poly Tongue Box
~2" PVC Tubes on ladder rack for brooms and brushes storage
~Kolpin Rhino Gun Rack for my wand

I might be missing a few things so if i think of them i’ll add it to this list or if questions get asked i can add or just post more pics.

I still have to build my 12V setup but i kinda ran out of money doing all of this lol. I will keep this thread active as i progress with that portion of the build. If you have any questions about the build, where i bought things, how much were they, i would be glad to help. I hope this helps everybody.


Nice looking set up man! Question though, will you be downstreaming from your 7 gallon tank? Seems a little small for a downstream chem tank is all. Other than that, looks great.

Thank you. I use it more for driveways and sidewalks. Ill do a mix of SH and Red Raider or F9-GK and just spray it down to post treat. Until my 12v setup is done, i usually just use my Xjet for House Washes.

Looking like you crushed it for your first build. Did you name your trigger gun? Lol


Thank you! And no i didnt. Is that a thing? :rofl::rofl:

So your just downstreaming for your post treat? Don’t get me wrong man, not questioning you at all. Just curious about your process is all. Trailer looks great and will definitely serve you very well! Very well thought out and built very well. The details you took the time to put into it are impressive.

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It’s a thing only if you die cut closed cell foam and make up a gun case for it



:rofl::rofl: lol, i didnt know where else to put that and some of my other connections. figured it was a good spot for the gun, xjet, jrod nozzles and ill eventually put more in there too lol. it was a cheap box from Harbor Freight

its more just a place holder for downstreaming degreaser for flat work and then i add SH to the mix.

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Darn, I don’t even have a case that nice for my 44 mag!


Nice job on the build. Mine was nice and pretty like that at one time, year later looked like a war zone. Wait until you start working 12 hour days in the heat and see how long that gun goes back into the case, lol.


thank you sir! haha i have no doubt in my mind. i do have OCD and im very detailed and organized so thats half the reason i try to have a place for everything and keep it nice, neat and clean lol. I’m hoping it stays that way lol

LOL, yeah we all start out with good intentions. If you have time to keep it super neat, then you need more business. That’s the main reason I like doing a new build every couple of years, gives you a chance to get everything back in place and find all the stuff you thought you’d loss. I can’t wait to see what all’s under my tote.


awesome build, I’m in the design process now and this is very helpful!


Awesome, let me know if you need any extra pictures or whatever.

Haha just noticed your lil stack on your vtwin. I’d recognize sink plumbing anywhere lol. It’s going to catch rain pointing up.

:rofl::rofl: Yea i couldnt find any piping to use to point it upward. So i came across this and it was brass. figured it would hold up good enough haha. i have a cover that i put on it when im not using it. i just took it off for these pictures.

what’s this piece called that holds the end of your hoses? How’s it hold up?

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You can find it at Home Depot, here’s the link. Its basically just a holder for brooms and what not. It works great though and holds the hoses on the highway, over bumps, whatever. Its perfect