The Gold Standard Gen 2 DS Injector has ARRIVED!

I didn’t think that there was much to improve upon but here at PW Gadgets if we can ever go back and improve upon something even just 1-2% we’re taking that opportunity. We shortened the travel distance of the ceramic check ball. Shaved a few threads, gave it a haircut and made a few other small changes. Gen 2 will use the same rebuild kit as the Prototype and Gen 1 injectors.


So this one’s half price, right? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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We’re on the same wavelength! I jokingly told the machinist I expect the material for the check valves to be free now with all the material I’ll get to save. The guy won’t even give me the chips off my parts lol No price break for us sorry.

This is awesome! My Gen 1 is still in the mail and I already want a Gen 2.

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Sorry for that, you did get the last one. If you would really like to mail it right back to me and I’ll trade it out. The modification only make the check valve close faster by a few milliseconds I wouldn’t sweat it :wink:

Oh, I’m not upset at all! I look forward to placing another order for my second washer. I’ll have gen 1 and 2 working right next to each other :grin:

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Thank you for the support and welcome to the PWG family!

How can I buy one of these injectors fine sir?

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They should be up on tonight!