The bandit kit!


Just wanna have a conversation with some of you about the proper way to go about this purchase. Part of the issue seems obvious, but i wanna hear what some of you think. My question is this. Buying the kit is like a thousand bucks more, than if I just bought the pump, sprayer, and ag hose kit for like 600 bucks. Is the skid, the titan reel, 3 way ball valve, battery in a box and drop stick worth the extra thousand bucks ? And also I’m almost certain the chem tank is not included. So I’d have to buy one… however, I’m Pretty sure I can use any modestly priced reel of decent quality, like the one @JohnLangeYOUTUBE has on his truck (that General pump one…) and buy a piece of pvc for the suction filter and suck line for like a buck or two literally, and the rest following suit. But I wonder if any of youse have it and wondering on your thoughts. Thanks ! :sunglasses:


Can you build for cheaper? Yes…if your like me you hate monkeying with stuff and time is $$.

Your not buying the bandit because it’s cheaper, buying it because it’s easier.

Building a 12v system is easy, not to many parts. But still takes time to put together.

I’d go with a stainless steel reel though and all stainless plumbing. $$ adds up quick.


We added a bandit this season and I’m really happy with deciding to buy pre assembled rather than designing my own. Throughout an entire season of heavy use only the gun and 3 way valve broke. We just had our first bad relay switch yesterday. Other than that it’s worked flawlessly. I also feel the need to point out I’m not Mr mechanical by any means but the simplicity of the system overall makes me feel confident I could troubleshoot any problems and easily fix it on my own. If for some reason I was unable to do so pressure teks customer Service is amazing.


I bought my first Bandit this year too even though I had the pump, hose, gun and tips. Way easier to open the box and go. The 3 way valve, and pvc, drop stick and pcv gun all broke. The April cold made them a little brittle. Easy fix. Then the Accumulator went 2 weeks ago. Bought new and super easy to replace. If I had time and a frame I would consider building one. Now I will just replace with better parts.


@YoCrypes I bought the 5850 Polly kit with pump In the box for 350 plus 100 pump in box. I highly recommend! The only thing different maybe i would be get the kuri tek hose instead of the poly but the poly has been fine for me so far. All I did was by A 30 gallon tote at Home Depot and put the battery in a box and the pump in the Box inside the tote and I cut about 12 ft of hose for the outlet of the pump and bought banjo cam locks so I can connect and disconnect the two hundred foot of Hose as I need. When I get home today I will take pictures for you


Now I did it all like this because this way as I made money I can upgrade I can eventually buy the fat boy pump. Which is sweet but like I said the 5850 has been fine for me as well as the poly hose. But definitely get pump in the box upgrade


The accumulator is nice because it keeps your pump from constantly running.


It looks nice but I wouldn’t want my reel on top of the pump/battery.


Looks like a workhorse of a trailer.

1 point from the peanut gallery: doesn’t that pressure hose from pump to reel get in the way hanging down like that? Could you go with a 90 degree fitting to get that hose more to the left?


Update: I was looking up effect of 90 degree bend in water pipe and turns out there is a loss of water volume and also turbulence. This 90 degree bend not recommended. Can one of the in house experts confirm this?



I take the hose Clamp it to the real then when I’m done washing the roof I unclamp it from the real and pack it all back up in the Box works great. Not the prettiest or fanciest but it works


Ok so basically it’s just a convenience factor. I get that. I guess I got plenty of time to think about it… xero sells a softwash system too over at wcr… I might look into that as well. I dont mind building things. I have a huge shop and a friend who basically can do anything hes helped me with PVC and plumbing and he even works on my truck, so I can easily build. It’s just a pain in the butt. Ordering things waiting for them to come in, then having the time to build them. Haha.


But I’ll tell ya having a shop with plenty of space and every tool imaginable, helps. Lol.


Pressure teks kit is the way to go all you need is 55 gal drum or tank. A battery and reel . . Wcr kit is same thing more money


Oh that’s right !!! I forgot. Theirs is like 2 grand or something like that… thats crazy. Wcr is pretty pricey. But they git me hooked like pressuretek has me hooked lol.


And theirs ain’t even as nifty and nice as pressure teks


Theres alot of good vendors I just find pressure tek my go-to although soutside is good too


What all do you plan on doing with it? Roofs or just post treating and shooting odd stuff when you need a stronger mix?


Basically for commercial roofing and anything requiring a hotter mix than downstreaming.


Ditto. It helps if you’re a WCRA member. Especially after your second year. 10% discount storewide. Free shipping on anything over $99. I wouldn’t buy everything from them (like that soft wash kit - holy smokes), but a lot of stuff I will. It helps that you can talk to a knowledgeable salesperson with actual cleaning experience, almost any time day or night.

Last night around 10pm, I was chatting with Jersey Josh about wfp quick connects. His final recommendation after a couple of minutes of back and forth? “Check Amazon.” No attempt to push me toward a product they carry, that wouldn’t quite do what I was looking for.

That kind of customer service is what has me checking their store before anywhere else. If I find what I need for a reasonable price, I don’t bother searching any further to try and find a better price. My time and sanity is worth more than that :wink:

I am stoked to see what kind of improvements they have in store for their pw’ing inventory. It can’t come fast enough, lol. I have a feeling they will make a serious dent in this market, the same way they did with window cleaning supplies back in 2007.


Plus… I wanna be a professional, well rounded contractor @Racer … my best friend lives in Greenville and he wants to start pw’ing too ! Lol. Hes gonna come up and work with me for a couple days this month, so in another 6 months you could have some competition down there !