The bandit kit!


Dude Jersey Josh is the man ! I’ve said it before, their customer service is: what the industry standard for any establishment that PROVIDES customer service; should be… haha.


I used to know his last name. Amazing how a nickname can stick, lol.

Nvm. Just thought of it: Cronin. Jersey sounds cooler


Back on the topic of this thread:

I have been reading recently that the 5850 has a
much better reputation for longevity than the fatboy pump. For some reason, those fatboys love to burn up.

Some people who have switched back to the 5850 from the fatboy, have said they don’t miss the extra bit of flow for residential roof cleaning.

Just something I’ve read; don’t have any personal experience with either pump. But when I finally do get one on my rig, it’ll be the 5850.

As far as overall performance goes, I think a lot of it has to do with the quality and size of your plumbing and electrical connections.

My ideal setup I think would include:

  • 5/8” flexzilla for spray hose

  • those special Band-It clamps for all barbed connections

  • solid pvc drop stick with the slits cut in the side, instead of a standard strainer

  • heavy gauge wiring connections with appropriate use of soldering, heat shrink tubing, and dielectric grease

  • a trigger gun setup based on the plastic $1 garden hose nozzles at Dollar General. Stock up on a ton of them, and switch them out as soon as they start dripping. Make a 3/4 GH to 1/4 QC adaptor for the front of it, so I can use a j-rod. Maybe have a full port pvc ball valve behind it in case of catastrophic leakage, lol.

  • I’ve also considered the idea of installing a PWM motor controller on the pump, so I can throttle it down for more delicate situations. You can get one for under $20 on Amazon.


The more the merrier. Already have about 100 people down here doing washing, one more won’t make any difference. Out of the 100 only about 3-4 are any competition.

Don’t buy that Bandit system. For less than $1000 you can have a better system. I’ll try to make you a video of a spare I made up the other day later today.


That would be amazing ! Thanks a ton Rick!
And Alex, that was very well put. I was looking at the 5850 as well, and I was thinking of getting just the kit for that and then devising my own system. I may very well go that route, and SOONER too if I decide to build my own setup… I get the go and go factor of the bandit, but I’m liking the idea of spending about 600 bucks TOTAL on something I can more than likely rig up real good somehow.


@Infinity do you think one of those 99$ wal mart generators will power it ? Haha


Nope, but a $99 deep cycle marine battery will.


Would you suggest the 1/2 or the 5/8 pump inlets/outlets ? @Infinity pros and cons ?


Again, no personal experience yet, but I’ve heard bigger is better. I think 5/8” should be good for a 5gpm pump.


Think I’m gonna get a 5800 and run it off a battery. I’ll prolly buy the kit with the good hose, not that poly kit. I’ll just round up that hose by hand until I find a reel. I don’t need all that crazy stuff prolly. I’m thinking like Rick said, and just buy the kit or the pump and set up my own type of roof system. Save some $$ I like simplicity sometimes. Lol


My Fatboy head started to leak…bought a new head and snapped two bolts in the process. Was in a bind so I went to my local family farm and home and bought a Remmeco 4gpm pump. They have a 7gpm that is the exact same as the Fatboy…bleach proof and all the inside components are the same. I bought the 4 gpm for $99 and I love it. It actually puts out (5 gpm) and my Fatboy only did about 6gpm.


@Patriotspwashing whoa that sounds legit ! Post a link so I can check that out !


Wait nvmd you said you bought it from a farm place or farm ? I’ll try and search the web for that model. Can u gimme some info on that pump you got, so I can look it up?


Remco. Is that a bypass or demand pump?

All I’m finding online are bypass pumps. Though those might actually be better if cycling is an issue due to back pressure. You’ll just run your battery down quicker.





My local farm n home had it for $99


Wow 99 bucks. I have a tractor supply here, but they dont have anything like that. You use a deep cycle marine battery with that ? And is it 1/2 or 5/8 ?


I have the bandit…pump went bad and replaced with this one. 1/2 on everything. No reason for 5/8 until you go 8gpm plus.

My plan was to pick up the Remco because I could it locally and the order a new Fatboy from pressuretek. I like the Remco so much I’m just going to stick with it


I just seen the remco your talking about at our ag store. They also had a remco that said fatboy on it. I didnt have my phone to take a pic though… it was 7 gpm 249.99