Terms and Conditions For Anyone To Use

This is a link to my generic terms and conditions. If you enter your company name it will generate your company name throughout the document as needed. You can also have a copy email to yourself or download the generated copy. Free to use.



@TexasPressureWashing thanks so much for all the great info and tips you and everyone provide. I’m still spending my time in the background researching and learning but had to reply this new gem as well :slightly_smiling_face:. Question, do you print these out and have customers sign when you go to the site for an estimate or can they click on the agreement online?


My terms and condition is part of my estimate that I sent through Markate. www.Markate.com Which is what I use as my CRM software

You really send all that crap with your estimate? I wouldn’t hire you if a customer just for the fact you made me read thru all of that, lol.

Here’s mine-
Pro Clean Exteriors is not responsible for leaky doors or windows, or preexisting damage.
Please disclose these areas prior to inception of work. We assume no liability for these conditions.

Invoice Due Upon Completion of Services, unless prior arrangements made.


Never had an issue with it so far. Booked out to mid May which for 7 months in I’m happy about. I get a lot of customers asking for certificate of insurance and many read the terms. None so far have balked. Maybe my region? Idk.

I’ve heard that it’s too much and that it’s not enough. I see your point but I don’t really worry about it. Main goal is never to screw up someone’s property and it’s a moot point.


I send COI with every quote. Let’s them know right up front and seems to give them a certain comfort to people who care.


He’s just trying to ease back in. Hopefully folks here will just ignore him


Yep. No shame.


Thanks for sharing, Heath. It’s a bit more than I’d be comfortable putting in front of a customer, but I can see that it’s working for you, and you’ve put a lot of thought into it.

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??? I feel like I’m missing something in this thread. My wife agrees with @Racer about not wanting to hire someone with extra stipulations or at least being wary of it( but hey it’s working for you). She also works for a company handling landscaping contracts and believes I would only need the COI if I did commercial work. I just want to practice the CYA method and make sure I’m covered from any “pickier” customers. I already document any existing concerns but again, CYA.
@Innocentbystander and @DisplacedTexan I’m not sure what you meant by your comments?

I totally get your reasoning and don’t disagree with you. Anyone can edit what they like or use this. I don’t worry about it. IF I had a reasonable number of customers even comment on it I’d reconsider using it. I like @Racer’s terms a lot. Simple.

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There was a bunch of drama a while back over Heath publishing a getting started guide e-book on Amazon. This forum was the main source of research, and there were some hurt feelings over a fairly new member publishing a howto “for profit”.

Unfortunately, I think a lot of the bad feelings are due to people imputing ulterior/selfish motives. I see Heath as somebody that genuinely wants to help others in the industry.

I hope we can put some of the negativity behind us, here.


Oh ok gotcha. I still don’t know who Heath is or read/purchased anything from him. I am also not on this forum to try and flip y’alls knowledge for profit. This site just always has great answers for my questions that I needed to start reaching out to y’all so I finally created an account. I just also prefer to silently research so I don’t ask basic questions


Heath is @TexasPressureWashing

I think I might head that route just so people don’t see the length and think, this new guy puts that because he doesn’t know what he’s doing. I doubt when they see your setup that they have any of those worries :laughing:

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Explain this. Are you implying that people are upset because we want a piece of the action? Are you that dense?

People are upset because everyone here (for the most part) offers their time, advice and even go out of their way to help newbies ALL FOR FREE. I know I’ve never asked anyone for a penny for my time or advice on here. And I never would. Because this place has given me so much and I can probably never repay that. But I try by being helpful where I can. The snake in the grass decided that wasn’t good enough and that he needed to make a buck for his time. I emphasize time because we all know the advice, expertise, equipment suggestions, chemical suggestions, processes, and literally everything else in the book came from HERE.


I’m sure the truck helps but that shows up 99% of the time later. I just haven’t had a single comment on it. I average 2-3 jobs a day now days. It’s just not something I worry about.

No. I know everyone here shares willingly and freely. But many of us also tell people to use the search feature, because our time is limited.

What Heath put together has value in the sense that it saves people time who do not have as much ability to research. That, in my mind, is worth compensation.

I’ve already pointed this out a half a dozen times, but once more: Heath originally published his ebook for 99¢. Does that sound like someone trying to profit off of anything? He only raised the price after several members (myself included) urged him to raise it. $10 is still not “get rich” territory. And if I had known it would cause so much drama, I never would have suggested raising the price.

Also, I’d like to remind everyone of this:


Let’s focus on the power washing and business, please.

Everyone’s time is limited. I mean, IBS runs a seven figure business for Christ’s sake. Yet, here he is day in and day out offering to help where he can. Same thing with Racer. Same thing with Florida Condo Cleaning. Same thing with Historic. Same thing with…well I think you get the point.

The time excuse is BS. If someone doesn’t have the time to devote to researching a field they intend to enter into and be successful then they obviously are not committed to doing it the best they can.

99 cents was still too much. Information is free here and expounds upon each and every topic ten times as much as that book written by someone whose experience in the industry could easily be counted in days. Sure, you have to wade through some banter and whatnot but that’s a very microscopic inconvenience when compared to what you will learn.

I can assure you that you didn’t see me telling him to up his price. I also expect that the number of people suggesting that are now far outweighed by the number of people who want nothing to do with the “author”.

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It’s not just about the time. Some people have learning disabilities that make it difficult to learn from a forum environment that requires weeding through the banter, dialing in search terms, etc.

Do they not deserve to start their business because of that learning disability? That’s a bit ableist, no?

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