Techs run credit cards?

Im just wondering if anyone has their technicians use a credit card reader and run the customers credit card after the job is done. I know there are ways they can pay online but many want to pay before leaving and a check is all I can take right now. If so, do you have a dedicated i pad the tech uses with a card reader?

The CRM I use has a built in CC reader and the payment is made through Swipe. The technician has the app on his phone to take payment at the job site. I don’t have that many customers that pay with a card and I don’t promote that option because of the fees, but it’s there when needed.

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With a Paypal acct can order the little swipe mechanism that just plugs into phone.


Ok thank you. So they can just use the app to run the cards from their phone. I just didn’t know if they should use their own phone or a company iPad. Im going to sign up with square, they are connected to the new crm I am going to sign up for.

dont let them use their personal phone… buy company tablets and put them on a data plan. Tablet $100… add to your data plan should be like $20-$30 dollars.

last thing you want is one of your techs opening up his phone to take payment and the screens cracked and theres a picture of him smoking a joint in the background and his girlfriends texing him a nudy pops up.


I use HouseCall Pro and people who work for me just have the app downloaded on their phone. I had a guy two years ago that only had a flip phone so I gave him my spare iPhone.

If that happens then you probably got the wrong guy working for you.

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It’s a joke…

But I would never ask an employee to use their personal phone to run credit cards.

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Yea that’s what my concern was. I would rather a dedicated tablet that can be left at the shop.

Why not? So far the 4 employees I have had since using Housecall Pro have all preferred using their personal phones with the Housecall App rather than keeping track of the company phone when given the choice.

Or can be left at a job site or a gas station… or who knows where else?.

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Lot easier to not accept credit cards

2019 William… not all of us can run our business like it’s 1989s lol


I do everything in my power to take a check, cash, Venmo, or cash app. But options are good. Cards and PayPal are last on my preference list

Yea I try for check and cash most of the time. I do have more and more people wanting to pay with cards for the rewards and convenience. I just wanted to see what you guys do with the employees taking the payments when you are not there. Im pretty sure my new CRM allows the customer to pay online as well so it might not be that big of an issue.

Get @squidskc to tell you about me on the phone getting technical help to check my email. 1989 is where I like it lol


I don’t know what the last two things are but checks are fine with me

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Y’all are crazy. I love taking credit cards. I get jobs all of time because I take cc’s even when I’m priced higher than others. Who cares if you pay an extra few dollars. I can’t count how many jobs I’ve gotten for the simple fact I accept them. I use BB&T for their security. They don’t just let anyone use their merchant services. I had to go through an application process that took a couple weeks but I know my customers information is secure and I don’t have to deal with a third party company overseas. Customers love swiping that plastic any dealing with the payments later.

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I don’t want to have to meet a customer, or have my guys talking with customers. Time suck that doesn’t make money. At least for me.

I take most payments over the phone without ever meeting the customer.

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Never been an issue for me. My customers are mostly super rich and don’t need to finance their home maintenance on a credit card.