Techs run credit cards?


I’ve got super rich customers also but you’re not going to wash 1000 super rich homes every year. If you don’t have time for the middle class you’re probably not doing something right.


My wife is a Realtor and likes to put everything on a credit card for cash back, yet in 2018 we installed new vinyl siding and exterior trim on our own house, replaced all our windows, and had the whole exterior of the house painted. Over $20,000 total and not a single contractor accepted credit cards and we never balked because we went with the best craftsman, regardless of their payment preferences.


To each their own. I took in over 50 grand just in credit card payments this year. I leave all options on the table for my customers. Just because a few hundred dollars is an hours work for me doesn’t mean others work a whole week to make that. Each market is also different where that is concerned. I don’t turn down work. If I’m knocking out 7-8 houses a day I’m happy.


But then you gotta talk on the phone lol


If I had to do that many jobs a day I’d consider a price increase…


That’s a simple days work. You can’t increase but so much when takes a little over 30 minutes to wash a home. I’m far from cheap. I’m probably one of most expensive companies around here but I’ve built up a great customer base with a loyal customers that would not want anyone else washing their house. There is always room for growth. I know of a company that washes 1800 homes a summer not including his commercial business. He’s not cheap either but he has the equipment and manpower to handle that volume and his main job is driving to the bank.


The point of taking credit cards is not because of someone’s “wealth” or them financing it.

It’s “convenient” for them, it’s what they use for everyday expenses. Getting $500 out at the bank or writing a check creates an obstacle.

Here’s what I do… 14 days to pay invoice via online with credit card or mail me a check.

I rarely take payments that day… I may change as I grow to increase cash flow but so far it hasn’t been an issue. Last year I had $540 in outstanding debts not paid. Not dealing with customers all year is worth that $540


I do take credit cards and my customers can also pay by credit card online. That wasn’t the original question proposed in this topic.


Makes no difference how long it takes, only how much profit you make a day. You could do a hundred houses a day and go broke if your pricing isn’t profitable.


Its not only credit cards, but debit cards as well. A lot of people don’t keep cash and checks are becoming a thing of the past almost with debit cards and almost everyone accepting them. I couldn’t tell you the last time I’ve ordered any checks and still have plenty. The only place I ever use a check is at my barber, simply because I never keep cash and he doesn’t take cards. I never use a cc either, but use my debit card every day. Its about convenience for the customer in my case. I offer it as an online option when I email the invoice to the customer. I don’t swipe cards on site, I just tell them there is an online payment option with the emailed invoice. I will gladly accept cash or a check if that is what they would like to do, but I do offer credit card payment options. And I don’t think people in my area are using it to finance the cleaning of their house, I just think more people are moving to cards. Just my 2cents.


Back to the original question, for anyone starting out or growing there business by hiring an employee.

It’s a small investment, be a professional… buy tablets, put them on data for your employees.

Don’t make them use their personal phone for YOUR business transactions.

On the topic of employees, do it right from the beginning and put them on Payroll and pay the Workmens comp. I bet there’s only 2 or 3 people on here who hold Workmens comp and have there employees on actual payroll where taxes are withheld and they get a W-2


You know absolutely nothing about me or what I charge. You assume that by me having that many jobs that I’m not charging enough when in reality it’s from the abundance of repeat customers on top of new accounts that I’ve picked up over nearly a decade. Im completely happy making a few hundred an hour. I’m by no means cheap but I also don’t try to make a living on one job. I doubt you know much about my market. My business is flourishing so I will keep doing what I do and you can do you.


That’s not true. I know one thing about you. You’re overly sensitive about people who have a differing opinion.


I have never understood this. It not that hard to get workers comp and put employees on a W2. We had this set up from the first time we hired an employee. Yeah it’s a little expensive to pay but it’s just part of business. I’ve always thought it’s weird when I read people don’t do this. Also when people say they don’t have insurance.


Sure enjoy your two jobs a day with your super rich customers.


If I flag this so it pops up on your screen will you be nicer :slight_smile: you sounded like me there talking to ikill or the new guys lol


Flag away. I’m not even sure what got under the guy’s skin. My first interaction with him was because he stated that he gets jobs all the time because he takes credit cards (and his competition doesn’t I presume).

I mentioned that I couldn’t see that working in my area as a marketing strategy. Then, (as I see it) he puffs up like a puffer fish about how many thousands of dollars in credit cards he takes and how many hundreds of dollars an hour he makes and his 8 jobs a day being a result of his 10 years in business, blah, blah, blah.

As if that means we should all just sit down, shut up and listen to his wisdom. LOL He’s just one voice among a thousand, like every other swinging richard on the Internet with a keyboard and an opinion. If that offended him, then so be it.


No offense here. You can stay with your old ways. I do pick up jobs quite often because I accept credit cards and the unprofessional low ballers around me don’t. Your the one who said If I was doing that many jobs I should be charging more. I’m not a 1 man crew. What works for you doesn’t work for everyone else. You can try to act all high and mighty if you want. It doesn’t affect my business or my life. Keep up the good work though. Sounds like you’re really killing it out there.


I’m am actually amazed, impressed really, at how many passive aggressive sarcastic insults you can make in one post.

I’m also amazed at your hypocrisy.

You should take your own advice…

No, I didn’t. I said

How do you confuse me saying If I were doing that then I would consider a price increase to mean YOU should raise your prices? Never did I say YOU.

I have my own theory about why you might think everything posted is all about you but I’ll leave that for another time. Right now I’m busy watching YouTube videos about windshield washer fluid.


Chill out u 2. Both of you are good guys and both are being hard headed. Leave the bickering to the petty. Kiss your wives, get a cup of coffee and watch Lonesome Dove.