Tandem Machines

So I’m visiting my local supplier when he tells me that I don’t really HAVE to buy an 8 gallon machine to get 8 gallons. Intrigued, I asked questions. Instead of buying a new 8 gallon system, I bought a new trailer that will hold both of my existing PWers, a 3500psi 5gpm and a 4000psi 4 gpm.

If anyone’s interested, I could take some pics to show my new setup. I don’t know spit about shooting video and posting, but if someone can show me I’ll video the difference between one machine and cranking up the second. It’s pretty awesome.


Film it on your phone.
If you have a Microsoft account upload the file to your one drive account.
If you have a google account to your drive account.
Once uploaded, copy and paste the link here


I would be very interested in this as I currently have 2 4GPM Belt Drive Machines & plan to hook them up together.

My main questions how well it works when joined & how easy it is to go from the 2 gun setup to the 1 gun 8 GPM.

Also when it would be used to use 4GPM over 8 GPM.


Definitely interested.

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They sale the kit for about $90

@MrSparkleVA you need to find another vendor


Please tell me it’s not the same vendor that sold you a predator with an AR pump… if it is I’m gonna headlock and find a locker to throw you in Atlanta. If no locker, I’m gonna elbow drop you from the rafters like Ric Flair.

I think that was Macho Man? lol

Say no to tandem machines? Of course it would be best to go with a bigger unit.

God willing I will have a bigger trailer with a big hot water unit & a 4 GPM within the next year.

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Probably. I’m probably the only person here that is of the opinion that joining two machines to start out with is perfectly satisfactory until you can buy a proper 8 GPM machine.

And @MrSparkleVA is killing it in VA and needs to buy the equipment he’s earned.


Aagghh!! You’re making me nuts.

Unless your market is gas stations and restaurants you do not need hot water. Maybe 5% of people here actually need hot water on a regular basis.

And if you’re doing gas stations and restaurants and that’s your market you should really consider bigger than 8 GPM so that you can do it fast enough to actually make money.

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Stylin’ and profilin’. WHOOOOOOO!

This was the trailer two weeks ago:

This is the trailer today:


Sorry lol I trust you it’s just that I read thing on here & then wander. Do I need this before I offer this service?

For example, roof wash.

There’s some folks who say the only way to do it is with a roof pump. Others say you can downstream or xjet.

But I know I just need to get out there & figure out things as I go. I just try to be prepared as much as I can.


If you keep overthinking everything you’re never gonna wash anything.

Just go wash your house. Wash your cousins/grandparents/sisters house. Go wash something and figure out downstreaming.


That’s pretty slick George!


I will dissent on this My esteemed colleagues have a different opinion, but I just LOVE the ability to reduce my flow by turning one machine off, and rinsing like a muthatrucking monster by cranking the second machine up. AND, by having two machines at the ready, I unplug the fitting and my sidekick can clean the house while I surface clean, and because i have the soft wash system on the trailer, I can actually have a third person laying chemical or roof washing while everything else is going on. With this new setup and the buffer tank, I am cutting the time necessary to do jobs by about a third,

AND, to @squidskc, no, this is Pressure Works. Nonetheless, I made a lot of money from that Predator piece of crap, and the belt drive machine he sold me, as well as that AR pump are still very much a part of my system, as you’ll see in the pictures,


That’s the T that hooks both machines together. Maybe this weekend I’ll make a video of cranking first one, and then both to display the contrast. WHOOOEEEEE


I love this idea. The idea that you can have one large gpm, vs two smaller is a great selling point.

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You know i love you
No belt guard is stupid. Buy an 8 gpm machine and be done with it. A lot of people seem to nickle and dime used equipment together but get upset when they lose a job to someone bidding cheaper
It’s the exact same thing lol.

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I did some concrete work & it went well. Going to wash my first house on Tuesday