Switching between XJET M5 proportioners for each material

Hey everyone, first post here.

Just got my XJET M5 and threw on a proportioner and the hose. I see now that it makes more sense to have the beige proportioner pulling straight SH with my 4 GPM machine for about a 1.25% mix.

The issue is I need to have a hotter mix for concrete work. If I have a job that requires me to clean vinyl AND concrete, which is the easiest way to switch between batches? Should I switch between each proportioner? Should I carry around two different pails each with their own mix? Granted, I am having a nearly impossible time taking the hose off of this damn thing.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks everyone.

I know this comes across as snarky, but the sooner you can fabricate a dedicated 12v system the better. Like you I got fed up with the X5 so built a 2gpm 12v using one of those ammo boxes and had good results with that for a year until I built a trailer mounted unit.

It’s really simple to make, just a 7ah battery, waterproof switch, 2gpm pump, Flexzilla hose and spray gun with appropriate nozzles.

Throw the proportioners away. If you’re just using a five gallon pail it’s easier to mix the pail for your needs. Also, throw the xjet away. DS’ing is much more effective and effecient. Also, if you buy a 12v system, throw it away. It’s only purpose is roofs and they suck anyway.

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Lol William, Mr. Anti 12v. Dude I couldn’t do my job without it.

You could, you’d just have to pick better jobs :slight_smile:

All my jobs need the 12v to some extent. :grimacing:

That’d be the easiest.

If you’re going to use the xjet, buy extra proportionate bc you’re bound to lose them at some point.

1.25% is pretty strong for cleaning vinyl. Go to 1%.

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Thanks for the useful response. Ok I will get it down to 1%. It seems like the math is the hardest part lol. Also taking the xjet out of the hose is impossible

What % SH are you using?


Is there a formula I can use?

It’s just ratios / fractions. It comes easy to some, others not so much.

Water : SH
(ie parts water : parts SH)

0:1 – 12.5%
1:1 – 6.25%
2:1 – 4.17%
3:1 – 3.13%
4:1 – 2.5%
5:1 – 2.08%
6:1 – 1.79%
7:1 – 1.56%
8:1 – 1.39%
9:1 – 1.25%

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Ok so if I use 10:1 proportioner (beige) I will need 4 gallons SH and 1 Gal water for my 4GPM machine for it to be 1%. Thank you

What’s your 4 gpm pulling through the injector?

Psi? 4000

Never mind. You’re using the xjet.

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yeah I see thats a contentious piece of equipment. But I appreciate you trying to help me out

You’ll be more like .9% but you should be fine.

If one side is really dirty you could always hit that side first before diluting your SH with water, then dilute and wash the other three. But I think you’ll be fine. And you just need to find a routine that works for you.

Some guys swear by them for washing vinyl. Most don’t. But if that’s what you need to do, then go for it. Nothing wrong with using one. It’s just that most guys believe you can go quicker without dragging a pail around and two hoses. And I agree. :smiley:

Yeah I’ll have to make some changes if I don’t like it down the line but for now it’s all I got. I appreciate the helpful response :+1:

We wash with it…when the DS injector craps out, no one thought to replace the spare in the truck last time they changed it out, and the softwash gun gets inadvertently stepped on (and again, no one replaced the spare), and it’s an hour from the shop…in that case, it’s perfect! The crew really had no clue what % was hitting the wall, but it was somewhere in the range of usable…rinse when it’s done, or apply again if it was too weak, problem solved. :joy:

Sounds like the management needs to spend less time on the forums and schmoozing around conventions and more time in the field or making up checklists, LOL.