Switching between XJET M5 proportioners for each material

Good joke

Actually, I need to spend it hiring to keep the service manager off the truck so he can do those things…and I can do my job or expanding our client base and product offerings…and a couple other service divisions that need to be started up that have been sitting. :joy:

But then we wouldn’t have you to talk with you do all that. What other service divisions you looking at?

expanding the lights business in a few different directions, and then a few things that are in the discovery phase as steps beyond that that I need to do some more legwork on

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Down here, we’ve seen huge consolidation in the internal home maintenance areas. All the larger companies all offer plumbing, electrical and HVAC. I think the same can be done with exterior, ie part of my footsteps into the lawn maintenance. Hardscapes are big down here too and a lot of lawn maintenance people have moved into that because higher margins, but it’s a somewhat different skill set. But there is a lot of crossover in the lawn care, and washing. Think you could throw in deck builds and repairs and a few other niches, carpet cleaning, etc, But making it easier for people to facilitate all their needs from a single source in any service related business probably not a bad idea and if I were slightly younger man, such as yourself, would be all over it. But there are a lot of synergies between some of the services. Accounting, advertising, etc. Instead of 3 Red Door pw trucks, then you’ve got another 3 landscaping rigs, couple of Red door carpet cleaning vans all running around, people see you everywhere.

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Yep, probably not going to go back to anything indoors (we do dryer vent cleanings when it’s too cold to wash and not Christmas light season, but that’s about it), tha maid service got sold off a few years ago… We’ve dabbled in deck staining and light repairs, but it never was up to our service standards. If we can’t do it to a top-notch, 5-star level, we just won’t do it. People even lament the fact that we won’t do it for them after I tell them that… :man_shrugging:

Why did you go with the xjet to start with?