Surfactant in west palm beach

I’m located in west palm beach is they anywhere you can purchase surfactant locally…

What surfactant do you want.

Check with Vc equipment in boca, or blast off in west palm but I don’t care for them. Vinney at vc will take care of u.

I use lauramine oxide . It’s called something different every place you buy it from. I get mine from pwp in Clearwater they call it hang tite. It’s chlorine stable. 16oz treats 100 gallons of mix. It’s great on windows also .


I want something similar to elemantore I will be doing a lot of house and flat work roofs here and there I’m leaning more into the commercial side and still putting stuff togethere I’ve just noticed in my area surfactants of any time seem to be non existent @florida_condo_cleani

If you want eliminator why not order it instead of finding a substitute.


Just trying to run down a local supplier and purchase as I need

I was placing an order for some today and they no longer sale anything to California Residents. I’m soo bummed

@Chesebro guess use gain ultra maybe?

Dawn works great but you will have to use what you mix that day. It attacks the SH

@squidskc just had a heart attack


Ok, now you’re going to have to wash your mouth out with SH! :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s funny ! I used dawn for years without any issues. Only problem I ever had was if we got rained out. It would definitely hurt the SH sitting over night

Does it mask the smell of bleach?

It definitely help a lot . Dawn has a pretty strong smell . I would use one 96oz bottle per 100 gallons. Sams club sold them

Wish I could find the Dawn from a few years back, it’s all fancy now with this ‘ultra super duper concentrated 4x Platinum’ now.

I’ve read that if you can’t access a professional surfactant the next best choice is Arm and Hammer w/Oxiclean. YMMV.

Dawn ultra is supposed to be good.

Yeah, good for dishes.

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Dawn is definitely NOT designed to use with bleach. Laundry detergent is.