Surfactant in west palm beach


Yet it gets used with decent results. Now What is confusing is the dawn with beach version. Apparently, I’ve not done the research, but dawn, or some dawn contain amines, which i read is kinda like ammonia, so your instructed to not add bleach. …


Exactly. When they say right on bottle DO NOT USE WITH BLEACH it’s pretty clear.


What with the what???

Okay first off, a lot of things currently say don’t add with bleach because us chemists would like y’all to get out of the habit of backyard brewing.

Secondly, there are SOOOOOOOO many types of amines. There is Lauramine Oxide, which is actually compatible with bleach. There is moneethanolamine, which will strip floor wax, triethanolamine with is a decent cleaner, diethanolamine that causes cancer and is on the watch list for being too bad to use in commercial products…etc…so many amines. Please don’t give them all a bad name. And no, amines are not like ammonia.

This is what PG says is in Dawn:
Ultra Dawn®

Water Solvent
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Cleaning Agent
Sodium Laureth Sulfate Cleaning Agent
Lauramine Oxide Cleaning Agent
Alcohol Denat. Solvent
Sodium Chloride Viscosity Adjuster
PPG-26 Viscosity Adjuster
Sodium Hydroxide PH Adjuster
Phenoxyethanol Solvent
Methylisothiazolinone Preservative
Fragrance Click here to learn more
Red 33 colorant (varies by scent)
Blue 1 colorant (varies by scent)
Yellow 5 colorant (varies by scent)

It’s actually the sulfates that cause a problem with the SH, I can’t attest to its cleaning ability with SH, but it doesn’t appear to be a problem.

if you have a chemistry question please feel free to message me or @CaCO3Girl me.

By the way, @Chesebro , CA is making it very hard on all of us with their VOC rules. I have to have entirely different labels for CA, and some products I just can’t sell. I’m also not fond of having to put the prop-65 warning on almost everything. Something about reading the line “This product contains a material known to the state of California to form birth defects and cancer”…yeah, just not appealing to folks in other parts of the country. Especially when truly stupid stuff is on that list, like aspirin. rolling my eyes


Ok so dawn is compatible with bleach. Like i said, I’ve not done the research, and haven’t used dawn and bleach on any homes. I’ve seen dansvlog on YouTube, he used the good bleach and dawn ultra and stays busy with it. But I guess the additional info is shelf life of the bleach is iffy.
I use dawn and bleach all the time on my sinks and counters at home.


Compatible is a relative term. Will it blow up, no. Will it kill the SH if stored overnight…sounds like it.


Ok, but it works the fresher the dawn and bleach mix is the consensus.


Frankly I think you’ll find very few professional caliber PWers who endorse Dawn. Part-timers? Probably quite a few.


Is this really a thread about how dawn is good? I dont want to read it all cus I think that’s what’s going on.


@Sharpe I started it as a where to get local surfactant in west palm beach Florida and here we are discussing dawn so no clue haha


$100 for a bucket of elemonator will go a hell of a long way


A drum goes a long way until your homemade barrel rack pokes a hole in it over the weekend and you find 30 gallons pulled out over your shop floor after the first guy in thinks it would be a good idea to try to wash it out the bay door


Definition of slip hazard dude! EEK!!!:grimacing:


It seems like I remember something like this happening to Brodie. Happen to you to or are you poking fun at him?


I think @squidskc lost a bunch of bleach


It could be either. Never know with IBS anymore


I lost 5 gallons of straight sh in a customers yard. That incident turned me into a sod expert.

I’m using all 15gal drums. Easier to handle without a forklift


So I ordered the sample oak from pressure two along with 5 gallons of elimanator