Surface wash pressure too high?

Hello. I have a 4200psi 4gpm machine.
Surface washer is rated at 4500 psi.
Cold water only. Concrete driveway, Residential, not overly dirty.
Should I cut back the psi of the machine, even if the surface cleaner is rated above the max psi? Please help!
Thank you👍

Use tips to drop pressure don’t try to adjust you’re unloader.

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That’s way too much pressure for Residential concrete! I go no more than 2,800psi with my surface cleaner in Residential Concrete

Take some time to read on here, You adjust the pressure by changing the nozzles not the unloader… if your new it’s pointless for me to explain you won’t understand…

Ok. That sounds great!
What tips do you recommend to get the correct pressure?
Where do I buy?
Thank you👍

There was just a thread on it a few days ago. Please use the search bar.

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I was using 25025’s with my 4/4200 machine, worked well. What surface cleaner do you have?

Thank you so much for all of the info!
How do I know what tips to get to lower my psi to say 2800?
16” surface cleaner
4200psi 4gpm
Honda gx 390
50’ hose
Thanks again

16” work horse from norther tool.

When you have a chance read the thread I linked. It explains exactly how to do so.

Thank you. Where is the link?

Click the blue hyperlink.

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Watch this.

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