Surface Cleaning Suggestions welcomed

Good afternoon!

I wanted to tap in and see if anyone had any particular suggestions I should keep in mind with this particular driveway cleaning ? Types of Chems, techniques etc .

Btw I plan on running a 4GPM with a Surface Cleaner should I pretreat ?

Thanks in advance!

Hopefully you have a good source to get polymeric sand at a bulk discount.

With a 4 GPM machine the max you want to go with a surface cleaner is 16" (4" per Gallon) otherwise you will become less efficient cleaning.

  1. Pre- treat with house wash mix (doesn’t look too bad so should be fine, but maybe need to go up to 2%)
  2. Surface Clean
  3. Rinse
  4. Probably don’t need to post-treat, but if you do let it dwell a little bit and then rinse again
  5. Let it all dry out for 24 hours
  6. Apply polymeric sand, brush into all cracks, and blow off excess
  7. Seal the pavers

:open_mouth: Wow! Thanks so much for the helpful tips ! I didn’t even think of the sand ! That explains why so much is coming up! Because we have a 20 in surface cleaner ! I’m going to suggest us laying the sand and sealing the pavers !! I’ve seen vids on it but haven’t had the opportunity to do it yet … this driveway has a good bit of size to it. Could be a large upsell…

I was telling my wife, wow that’s a lot of sand ! :sweat_smile:

Also!! After I rinse the house a bit im still seeing light red dirt on the house the next day, is this bc I didn’t spend enough time rinsing ?

Do your research on poly sand. If you over water it, or under water it, the sand will not set and you’ll have an unhappy customer. I use Alliance Gator G2 Maxx sand. They also have a ton of training videos on their website.


Agreed, All I use. The newer 15 minute rain safe version is stupid simple to use and they claim it can’t be overwatered, but I’m not testing that theory out.

Yeah and they also claim you don’t need to blow it before watering which is just nonsense to me.

Doesn’t matter the surface cleaner size, even just using a wand, it will blow the sand out. Yes sanding is practically mandatory if they wish to keep their pavers in place/in line and don’t want weeds growing up in between the cracks.

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One of their reps was at SiteOne and I overheard him tell someone it didn’t need to be tamped down… maybe that was job specific for that person… but I wouldn’t risk it.

Thank you so much !! Any tips about proper house rinse ? From my earlier thread?

Is the red staining at like the bottom 2 or 3 feet of the house?

Is it red clay? Give this thread a read, there are better chems to use then SH for that.

No its on higher areas too and its loose maybe from the wind …

Yea thats what im hearing! I’ll check it out! Thanks !

Sheesh. On a driveway that size make sure you’re not running over 2000 psi. You may need to change your tips. You shouldn’t be getting that much sand runoff. Stick a pin knife or feel how hard sand is. Should be pretty hard. You shouldn’t need to re-sand unless sand is in really bad shape and that doesn’t look like it.

No customer wants to re-sand unless sand way down and they shouldn’t have to. I’ve got drives that have been several times w/o re-sanding. That one you could basically soft wash probably… Put about a 2% mix on and rinse with 600-800psi.

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Do you guys apply the sand the same day or next day?

Depends on the weather and size of the area, but I try to get it all done same day.

Any tips on efficiently doing it?

Man, I just wrote out a bunch of paragraphs and realized I might as well just link to the video that taught me.