Down south: Red Clay

I got in an order of F-13 and it works awesome. I got in an order of Elemonator. Works awesome. However, in Georgia we have red clay, red dirt, that is VERY, VERY, VERY tough to get off of any surface. Being baked on vinyl siding for months or years at a time is even harder to get off. Some houses I can get the red clay off with a stronger house wax mix and a little brushing without an issue, because most of this dirt is down low and gets on siding from splashing rain water.
Bigger issue is when the red dirt is up high from a dusty area, especially a 2nd story. I soft wash, so I need to figure out what I can use to clean this red dirt so I don’t have to scrub - because it’s not always an option. I use something called Reddox to clean red dirt off of concrete. Works awesome. Must be a product someone knows of that works on the red dirt of vinyl siding.

As always, thanks for the info guys.

I did one yesterday using 50/50 water and 12.5 SH and 4oz of elemonator to 4 gallons. It did pretty good, but you can still see it. Rubbing with a rag didn’t help.

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Yeah, that is the stuff right there. It’s a pain. Most slab homes have at least a few areas like this.

OneRestore. The WCR store has it.

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One Restore doesn’t always work on red clay stains on brick foundation. I’ve had better luck with NMD-80 by EcoChem. It’s a new masonry detergent that works great on red clay stains.

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Well this isn’t for masonry or concrete. Its for vinyl. My Reddox works great on masonry. Won’t touch vinyl.

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thats not included in a regular house wash,

We have a product Mud Away that was designed for the GA red clay since we are right here in GA.

Soap Warehouse would know for sure, as the great State of Georgia is made of red clay!
I lived there over 20 years and dealt w/ that stuff EVERY DAY :frowning: PITA until NOW :slight_smile:

Another option is our new F9 Efflo product. Mix at 12:1 for mud stains like that. Go stronger if needed.

Here’s a couple pics of some bad mud stains on a surface more difficult than yours.

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Stucco is tough it sucks in all the dirt. Only to true option is repainting but that looks pretty good. F9 barc?

Stucco is the worst! You’re right, it is absolutely porous and sucks in mud stains like a sponge.

This product is our newly released F9 Efflo, completely different than F9 BARC… Except for a little bit of water, that is.

We mainly use it for hard water stains, calcium carbonate and efflorescence.

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Hello Folks-
I live in Arizona and I am seeing staining like this everywhere outhere. There is A LOT of wind and dirt, so I am thinking it is minor red clay staining. What are your thoughts?