Surface cleaner on a paver driveway?

Hi all, newbie question, is it ok to use my surface cleaner on a paver driveway? I’ve got a whisper washer classic machine. Thanks for helping.

Will work fine. Pre and post treat with SH

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May need to re-sand a couple days later.


Thanks guys

Driveway pavers have sand? I thought they just interlocked.

Maybe it depends on the soil type but around here they are sanded in.

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I cleaned these a few days ago with my Hammer Head. Everything turned out well.


That video belongs in


You’ll be fine, do them all the time.


Did you was all those fines straight down the drain? $3000 on the spot fine for that here :open_mouth:

(You missed a bit too, at the end :wink:)

Thanks for all the feed back guys. :+1:t3:

He missed quite a bit, but I got it on the final rinse. I think the camera makes him nervous, lol. The drain leads to a retaining/detention pond around back.

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That looks great. I live what we’re do. Did they need re- sanded in the joints afterwards?

Is that mudd or sand in the waste water?

You do not need to resand pavers after cleaning endless you cleaned them with a turbo nozzle.
When you rince after cleaning donit at an angle not straight down . This allows the sand to settle


That makes sense

No, not much sand removed.

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Mostly mud, mildew and surface dirt.


How much pressure were you running

I’m using a Honda Gx 390 direct drive with a comet ZWD 40/40 pump. With 200 ft of hose I’m guessing around 3200 psi.

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