Surface cleaner nozzles...Need help :0


Hey everyone, I just got a 20in. whisper wash classic from southside (one bar, 2 nozzles) and I was wondering what psi the nozzles it comes with will be putting out. I have a machine rated at 5.5 GPM at 3500 PSI, I’ve read on here that residential concrete should be done at NO MORE than 2500 psi,

what nozzle number would you recommend I get in order to get it down to around 2000-2500 psi?

I know there are charts but i cant seem to find one for surface cleaners, or maybe i just dont understand them. If anyone could let me know which nozzle I should get please let me know! thank you


2503 would be the size nozzle you would need. Larger orifice size would be necessary for lowering the pressure but you would need to research some of the previous threads here to see what others have had to say about this. A pressure gauge, several different sizes of nozzles, and time for personal experimentation is one of the routes you may take.


thank you, will do! The surface cleaner did come with an extra set of tips labeled 25030… am i correct to assume that is the same as 2503? might be a dumb question but I’d rather be sure so as not to blast the creme of someone’s driveway


Here is a chart! At 1506 you would be at about 1750psi per nozzle, so that down to a 1503 like mentioned puts you in the balllark.


Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure you simply divide the standard nozzle size by the number of nozzles to figure out what size you need for a surface cleaner.

So looking at the nozzle chart, if you want to produce 2500 psi, you need a single 7.0 nozzle. Since your surface cleaner has 2 nozzles, you would need 3.5’s.

If you had a 4 nozzle surface cleaner, you would need to decide between 2.0’s producing 2000 psi, or 1.5’s at 3500 psi.


Right on Alex Lacey. 3.5 nozzles on a 5.5 gpm machine would give
you 2,469 psi with a 2 nozzle bar on the surface cleaner.


Thanks for the help guys! I changed out the nozzles to the 25030’s I had mentioned so I should be at around 2500 psi now from what you all are saying


Charles, #3 nozzles on a 2 nozzle bar with 5.5 gpm machine is going
to put you at around 3360 psi. If you want to be around 2500 psi you
have to go with 3.5 nozzles for your set up. Just letting you know.


So then the 25030 will put me at over 3000 PSI? And if I were to get a #4 would that drop the psi even further than a 3.5?


Yes, to both questions. # 3 with your setup is 3361 psi. #4 nozzle will
put you at 1890 psi. You said you want between 2000-2500 psi. The
3.5 nozzle puts you at 2469 psi. There you go! # 3.5.


Awesome man, thank you!


Remember too, depends on how much hose you’re running. On 5.5 you’re going to lose 130 psi per 100’ of hose.


What is the general rule on degree pattern is 25° the norm, can any other degree be used?


I use 25’s


Spend the 15 minutes here:



Is there any real difference in these style tips? The rounded tip is the style that came w SC. The square is what I’ve ordered. The orfice is at same height. Nozzle is same dimensions. Only difference is “tip design”


They are the same thing. I use what ever comes in the bag when I order them. I have cleaners with both styles on them.


Very much useful tips


I would think the slotted version help to quickly determine at a glance, whether the fan of spray is clocked correctly.


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