Surface cleaner nozzles...Need help :0


Spam from over seas. Sounds tasty


Sorry about that Innocent Bystander I hadn’t seen this site is USA based. I’m actually the Website Administrator for Southern Tank Services in the UK I certainly didn’t intend to spam. The information isn’t entirely useless as I’d still recommend something of that ilk and we do supply some nozzle pieces which we likely could still post to the US if they turned out cheaper.
I guess that’ll depend on how well Brexit turns out I guess! haha

Anyway, Sorry again
David Tattersall


No worries. The owner of this forum is a vendor and we try to support him. Good luck with Brexit across the pond. We have our on trouble here with the orange haired wonder in the oval office :slight_smile:


Hey trying to figure out what nozzles I need for my new setup… I have a 8gpm 3500 psi running a 19” 4 nozzle bar classic … what nozzles should I run so I get around 2000 psi on the sc? The 4 bar came with 2502 nozzle which that gives me 2gpm at each nozzle … what I don’t know what kinda pressure I will have , haven’t use it yet …



That website has a chart and a calculator.


So I should be running 4 25025… I run 2 of those tips now on my 5.6 gpm machine


Never mind I found some for info on another tread