Surface cleaner marks and streaks

Can someone please help me out. I’ve done dozens of surface cleans and never had this issue. I did a gentleman’s porch area on both sides of his home.and my surface cleaner just left streaks and circles. I went over it a few times and it did nothing. I have a 4000psi 4gpm machine with a general pump surface cleaner. I did his house then his cement and seems like maybe spoke.of the siding paint washed off to the floor or something to make it kind is a yellowish. In think that’s why its making the streaks . in went back a week later and used the extreme concrete cleaner and it didn’t help. I wvem used the rust remover and nothing. It doesn’t seem etched but I’m not positive. Can anyone help because he’s poetry upset and I’d be too. The concrete job is pretty poorly done and it has different textures maybe that has something to do with it. I’ll…

Could you have etched the concrete from too much pressure? Ive had something similar happen to a pavilion that had newish concrete.

Looks like it’s damaged from too much pressure to me.


Dang it. That’s what I thought. Anyway to fix it? I heard acid washing wipp but I’m not experienced with acid washing? And ideas guys?

You can try Craig Harrison’s F9 circle technique but this might be an insurance claim if it doesn’t even it out.

To prevent this you should lower your pressure at the surface cleaner by using tips to reduce it.

What tips are in it now?


Dang it. I’m not sure which tips are in but probobly 25degree

Right but 25 what? I’d imagine 25020’s which means you’re putting 4K psi onto concrete and it can etch like you’re seeing now. I would switch to 25025 tips for about 2500psi

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I’m not sure what this numbers mean. Sorry I’m fairly new to the business. I have a general pump cleaner and whichever tips it cake with are in it. I assumed they were 25degree tips

The charts lay them out. 25025 means a 25 degree pattern with a 2.5 tip. You’re running 25020’s I’d imagine. Look at your tips, they’re labeled.

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A good place to order tips is , going in circles is what fixed my streaking issue but it was a process trying to get it to come out even

Thanks for that info. I researched it. My tips are not labeled not sure why. So if I change the tips and go back over do u think it’ll make it look better?

Thanks for that info. Did you have the same issue? Were you able to make it look better?

Yes I believe there’s a way to fix it. Contact Craig Harrison at F9 and he’ll lead you in the right direction.

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Thanks… Do u have a contact for him?

He has a Facebook group Front 9 Restoration. But watch his Youtube video I linked above.

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How old is this concrete??

It took me one second to look at that concrete to know its new concrete,you should have a checklist of the same questions you ask every customer and for your preperation checklist,top of my checklist is how old is the concrete.check if the house siding is oxidized,tape off outlets,door handles,locks,move potted plants away to not get bleach in them,have customer move cluttered patio items or charge them for it,these are just a few things on your permanent checklist you should always be asking the customer and checking off for yourself,that concrete is definitely damaged


Also keep the image of that concrete in your head,because thats what concrete looks like when its been troweled or floated too much during the finishing process,it has a milky,white appearance and you can tell the cream (the cement paste )is thick from troweling or floating too much,that could also be a diy concrete pour using home depot concrete,lower psi rating also a sign of a diy job is no contraction or 'relief’joints were made,thats why you see those cracks in the concrete