Surface cleaner issues

Hey guys. I’m sure there are a ton of topics which will cover my question, but I figured I’d ask for some help regarding my current problem. I have had around 4 surface cleaners since I first started, & am pretty sure I know why some of them quit working on me- too much pressure. However, I have just purchased a “Surface Maxx Professional” from Lowe’s, & it’s rated for more than my pressure washer is capable of pulling (They’re rated for 4500PSI)

. I have a Dewalt 4.0 gpm, 4200PSI machine. Even this new one worked great at first, but started wobbling & shaking after I started using it, & now doesn’t seem to be working nearly as good as it did fresh out of the box. The 15” ”EZ Clean” worked the longest (about 6 months), but started spraying out of the center. I’ve tried tightening the center with an Allen wrench, but I’m assuming I need to replace the seals or gaskets. The EZ clean was only rated for 3300PSI, by the way lol. Anyways, I’m sure I’m just trying to blast too much pressure through these cheap Lowe’s cleaners, but what would explain the new “Surface Maxx” cleaner not working as well anymore? I ultimately want to but a whisper wash classic, but damn they’re expensive. Would it be worth the money? Or can I just fix the newst one I bought? Please help!!!

Buy the Whisper Wash, you won’t regret it for a moment. Worth the money and then some. You won’t buy another after you get it. Hope that helps, much success.

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So after I spend the $800-$900 on a new whisper wash, what do I do when it starts doing the same thing as these? I know they sell interchangeable repair parts for them, but what makes the whisper wash worth the money? I’m just scared the same thing will happen with it…

Those things are designed to clean a driveway or two per year. The money you’ll waste replacing those are better spent on a commercial grade surface cleaner.


Buy the Whisper Wash, you can get one for around 650.00.

Those you have are Junk, Not for a professional that makes a living pressure washing.

If you are serious about being in this business invest in a quality tool like the WW Classic

Just google Whisper Wash Classic and there are vendors that sell them. They are worth it, that’s all I know. No trouble with them, all upkeep parts are available if you need them in the future. A quality tool for sure, you will make money with it fast.

You can buy for about $600 and they won’t do that. they’ll last for years if you take care on them.

Good deal, guys. I’ve been wanting a quality one, & it sounds like I should go with the whisper wash. Should I get the classic? Or one of their other models. Which site should I get it from? Side note- the business is kicking butt for a weekend kickaround. Almost $10,000 in gross profit for the year🤘🏼


yes, the Classic. With your machine you’ll need the 2 nozzle bar which is stock but get some 2503 tips. May be able to order with those in it, if not you’ll need to get a pair of them.

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Thanks, Rick! You’ve never steered me wrong, boss!!! :call_me_hand:t3::pray:t3:

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I have the Whisper Wash Ultra Clean 16", they run about $440 and so far it works very well with the 25025 tips and my 4/4 machine.

I had that Maxx cleaner for a while so I know where you’re coming from. Just return it, they won’t give you a problem.

Oh and from the advice of the guys on here, I suggest getting a ball valve so you don’t have to keep shutting the machine down every time you need to disconnect and rinse. I couldn’t do without mine.


Unscrew the gun on the SC and put a male QC on it. That way your gun plugs right into it. No ball valve necessary.

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The ultra clean is out of stock at PTek, but WCR has it. If you’ve got the year 2 WCRA/PWRA discount, the price is almost the same when you account for shipping.

Im using a GP hammer head. I will get a WW classic when this thing craps out. So far its going strong and I keep the bearing greased. Its a lot cheaper than the WW but its night and day better than anything from Lowes

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I have a simpson 20inch that can handel my 4500psi machine it was a little over $300 from homedepot. It has been working really well. I have also found making sure that everything is oiled up is also important.

Well, I took all of your advise, & decided to go with a whisper wash classic. I used it on several houses this weekend, & friggin LOVE it!!! Gonna get a ball valve & swivel for my line now👍🏼 Thanks a million, guys. You rock🤘🏼


Classic is quality… mine has performed very well. If i could find someone to buy it i would get an ultra though, with hope the 16” would help me pick up a little speed.

Awesome surface cleaner, glad it worked out for you.

I forgot to tell you. You will get much better results with you SC if you switch to 25030 nozzles. Your SC is probably bypassing some water back to your tank running those 25025’s , also you can completely take the gun off your SC and run a ballvalve to it if you have problems squeezing the trigger for long periods of time. Im sure someone will chime in saying its unsafe but id love to hear the scenario that lead up to you some how hurting your self using it that way lol.