Surface Cleaner Bar Replacement

@Racer any thoughts??

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Can we get a pic of the bottom

You mean like bar savers?

I’ve picked it up for the day but I’ll be back out in the trailer tomorrow getting ready for Monday. I’ll definitely snap a few pictures

Yea similar but it would be nice if they were reinforced stock. Just a thicker end welded solid. I’m no aerodynamic engineer so I’m not sure. The thought crossed my mind and sounds good. I don’t weld either so this idea will be entered into the idea file

For reference

The whole design is flawed. There is no way that water and pressure will evenly distributed thru a tee.

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It’s possible but it has to be a Parker 316 stainless steel tee lol

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Where’s the before pic?

User error, lol. He’s talking about rocks getting wedged in the tight tolerances which are 1/2" between housing and end of bar. If you’re getting 1/2’ plus rocks stuck in your surface cleaner shouldn’t be using a surface cleaner. Sheesh, no wonder it’s not working. I don’t even like running over a 1/4" piece of mulch.

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I’m going to be using BR600 backpack blowers soon

I didn’t take a before picture but how is that relevant when the SC is missing a spot and leaving a line in between the two bars?

I agree that the rocks shouldn’t be there. However the same circumstances have been identical while using the other 2 WW models without issues. IMO, if it had more clearance it would be just as reliable as the other two. Not to mention two bad swivels and whatever else is causing this line to not get cleaned. I’m hoping to resolve the issue but I’m not that hopeful. There’s no way you should be buying top line equipment and deal with so many problems.

It looks more like 1/8” when you measure from the weld. That’s exactly where the rocks got jammed each time.

Like I stated earlier, their design is flawed.

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Because sometimes if it’s really dirty you have to go over twice no matter what surface cleaner you’re using

If small rocks keep getting caught where that weld is just get a grinder and grind it smooth.It should be welded all the way through. You could always leave a little bit of weld above and below the bar just to be safe.

The thin line left behind was untouched. Sometimes you do have to go over it twice but the line should not be as defined as this. Maybe some faint/fade stops but nothing like this. It’s missing a spot.

That would help a lot. Shouldn’t have to do that to a new piece of equipment but I may end up having to. I’m inclined to Get rid of it and go with a more tried and tested model. Maybe a 28” or another 24”. The 24 is flawless

I agree. I should wait for v2.1 next time to get the kinks worked out. The mod that @Racer suggested to move the wheels should come stock. That alone shows that it wasn’t well thought out or tested in real world.