Super swivel

Still cant get search to work.
Super swivel leaking bad. Any saving this or do i need to buy a new one they run about $90
This pis with the machine off.

@Grizz Southside sells them for around $50 or the repair kit for under $10. You have to remove the zerk fitting to get the ball bearings out and then the two pieces will separate.

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Im going to order the repair kit when i get home. Thank you.

How often did you grease the fitting?

I greased it once and right after i read @Innocentbystander say not to grease them.

Grease is the death nail for them


Im not seeing any repair kits on southside website. Do you have a link? Kleen rite has one for 2x the price you said.

Kleen-Rite will you over on shipping.


They will take a forever for you to get it

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Pretty sure this will work, you have 1/2” swivel correct?

You might wait and call Russ in the morning to be sure.



Yes and ill probably just order from bob because i need some more elemonater anyways. Thanks again.

Really? I ordered a wand from them before and it came the same week.

I can’t remember what I got from kleen rite but it took way too long. Great prices on certain things…if you can wait.

Mine came with a screw in the zerk location.

Racer sold me one of his spare yesterday. Im headed outside to put it on before i do this flag stone job.

You dont like these better? They are alot smaller.

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By how much? Specs read 2.75in of mosmatic, not sure what is being measured.
Edit: i think you mean the body is leaner. Not a factor for me, but next time I will.

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I got one of those swivels, and I love it @Grizz

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Just buy hoses with swivels pressed on them