Suggestions on door to door sales

Hello everybody, before starting my pw business I was a mail carrier in a very nice neighborhood and sometimes customers will not even open the door to sign for a package even though I had my scanner, ID and mail truck, crime rate is very low and income is pretty good in this area, now I want to go door to door to offer my services, any suggestions on what I can do to make people feel safe as I walk up to the door and not call the police?
I want to gain their trust and business. TIA

You may want to try door hangers if people don’t want to open the door and talk to you I have seen this in my neighborhood but when you leave they will open up and look to see if anything was left and then they will have your information at least


dont knock, just use door hangers. 2018 man, nobody wants to open their door for a stranger. My first time knocking in a neighborhood was not good…5 minutes into it and the cops rolled up saying they had three calls for someone snooping around lol


Wear your mailman uniform and fake them out, lol.


While your at it have your friend wear the police uniform to arrest you so the real police wont


I do door hangers on Fridays after dropping kids at school. Many in my area work shift work in the plants. I know I risk waking up people by knocking at 9am Friday. Last week I started writing rough estimates on the blank backs of my door hangers. Too early to tell how its going to work but I wanted to go ahead and put the idea in peoples heads just before they get tax returns. I know many are trying to figure out how to spend those checks.


So I went ahead and tried to get door hangers but my wallet said “walk”! I got a price for 20 door hangers at Vista Print for like $50, so I came up with this business card idea…so far, out of 300, I got 3 calls for estimate and 1 job already done. Thanks for your advice!


Very similar results with my door hangers. I got 1 call out of around 35 houses that were very targeted. I designed and ordered 5k for $129. They are small, but work. They are 3.5x5. I might order 10k more.

I like that. Is that just a rubber band, string or what holding card on?

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Going Postal Pressure Washing LLC. :joy:


Yes, I punched a hole on the card, put a paper clip and then a rubber band to hang it on the mailbox pole, I tried to staple the rubber to the card but it would break every time I stretched it, these won’t fly away like the paper flyers I used before

Did you try just looping rubber band thru the hole and then sliding over post?

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Yes, hole is too small so it would tear off the some of the card

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How did righting those estimates down go for you? Did you see any change in estimates?

I did about 30. Nothing back from those.

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I’m blowing up from referrals and fb boosts though


This is Federal property, you can get in trouble I believe.

It’s only federal if you open the mail box I think. I’ve rolled up flyers and shoved it between the flag and box.

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That is illegal. I got fined for doing the same thing almost. Putting post its on the mail box. No big deal until someone complains.

What was the fine?