Suggestions and Advice on service body truck build

Hey guys, yesterday I bought a service body and I’m finally getting rid of trailer. I’ve done a lot of reading and seen lots of videos so I have a pretty good idea of how I’m going to set everything up. Machines on the left, reels on the right (I’m mostly residential), tanks in the bed, ladders on ladder racks with waterfed poles and surface cleaners. Miscellaneous and tools will go in compartments.

However, I’m sure there are some things I’m not thinking of (like using mats or about where to or not to drill to bolt things down), and that’s where any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. For the ladder rack I was thinking about buying one that I can bolt on (I can get it welded too if that’s the better option).

Also, the truck is 2012 f250 6.2 gas with 160k - had perfect service records so I’m hoping it will be reliable.

Thanks in advance


How are you accounting for the lift top tool boxes? I’m going the same route but buying a non lift top bed.

Not 100% sure what you mean by that… the reels and machines will go on top of the sides if that’s what you mean.

Right on the tops of the sides. Those are lift tops. You can mount them but I was concerned about the lids having extra vibration Etc

No lift tops

Hi Juan, not to experienced in service body installs but you’re on the right track as far as layout. 3 Reels on passenger side (I recommend automatic titans) machines probably on Drivers, tanks in the middle. As far as bolting the tanks down- A lot of people use tie down straps but I prefer grade 8 3/8-1/2” bolts And nuts. Also depending on the tank you may need some stainless steel straps. I would probably recommend a 275 gallon rectangular tote for the buffer and the 18x18” tall 55 gallon for chemical. How thick is the flooring in the bed? I would probably just bolt it as long as you don’t drill through something important like a fuel line.

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Machines should go on the top of the side boxes but that isn’t really an option with the lift top lids. If get another bed for the truck. Pressure reels would be better on the rear bumper.

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Thanks! I have all the tanks and reels already, just going ot basically transfer from trailer to truck. I appreciate all the input though!

thanks! why isn’t really an option with the lift top lids? is it because it wouldn’t be safe?

I see what you mean, truth be told I didn’t think about that.

Yeah it limited my selection quite a bit. I mean it’s workable if you modified them and reinforced it, but I am only looking at the flat tops. Just for reference a new Reading service bed goes for about $6K painted and installed in Texas (not sure where you’re based) and a Koenig goes about about $6800. Used they vary. A lot of dealers will install them or swap beds and pay for the old bed.

Either way I like the idea as I’ve been planning it myself for months. Good luck! Can’t wait to see the progress pics.

Well I hope I can make it work somehow… I’m guessing the reels aren’t that big of an issue but more the machines because of the vibration? I can put the machines on the bed of the truck if I put my RO/DI tanks on the side… what do you think its the best way to go about getting underneath the truck to bolt things down? just crawl up underneath or should I find a shop that can lift up the truck to have more room?

I would have to see underneath the truck to give a good answer. I can’t imagine you’d need the truck lifted to mount things. Just ensure you don’t puncture fuel, electrical, and brake lines etc. I’d personally look at just having the lift tops removed and a flat surface fabricated and installed. Shouldn’t be super hard or expensive.

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Cut you some lawnmower blades up or get some flat steel for washers and just drill some holes.


Lol, steel is steel right?

I got a bucket full a long time ago. Kids have made knives with them. All kinds of uses


I took a look earlier, it’ll be a little tight but I can get it done. I’ll make sure to take pics while doing it… I’ll look into having flat tops fabricated this week

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Did you end up getting it built? I bought a 2015 GMC Sierra 2500 with a service body.

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FINALLY. The marathon is over!

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Hahahaha right? Navy is packing out my stuff tomorrow and I am flying out August 4th.