Starter Name/Logo...second revision (more like 20th)


Took advice and not going with “softwash” in my name…also found out both “southern” and “mid-south” are both accounted for semi-locally. then as i was listening to the radio a song called “broken wings” came on and it hit me…Mr. Mister! my dad about lost it haha. surveying some friends and family they seem to agree its kind of catchy and fits the business. so once again im looking for your input. ive scoured the forum looking at logos and marketing ideas…and think i found myself a “starter”. something to put up on a facebook page, some business cards, and the side of my truck of course…until the ball really gets rolling and i can give it a designer makeover.

i will have my phone number, as well as services offered down the side of the truck as well. i have a 24" vinyl cutter so making all my own decals…hence why im not jumping into any gradients or color-shifts just yet, keeping it 2D.


Honestly, I don’t care for your font choice. The “w” is just weird and I thought it said power wasting at first glance. Just hard to read in my opinion. I don’t get the “Mr. Mister” either though, but to each their own on the name. If your happy with the name go for it, but I would suggest a different font.


Have to agree. Looks like Mt. Mister Powerwasting.

And yep, that’s font is awful.


i didnt see it til you both mentioned it…been typing it so much i just “know” it. off to find another font i go lol


change the color its hard to read.


Are you making these?


It can be tempting to get to creative or fancy but make it easy to read and easy on the eyes. This is neither. The name is cool


Yeah I have a small vinyl business


It might be easier to just change your name to Off Duty Fireman LLC and send me 10% of all invoices as a royalty. Less stress all the way around. Just trying to help.


I like the color but it’s no sir wash alot!


i dont think anyone can compete with sir wash alot lol. thanks!


different font…


In my opinion it’s terrible. The whole thing. The name is confusing, the color is garish, the raindrops are making the lettering confusing, the font is too fat and the words are too close together.

I know, I know, “other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?”


Just for comparison





Logos can evolve until your happy. If your anything like me you will change it 5 or 6 times

There are some earlier ones that are so bad I dont even want them online lol


Eventually you will figure out a color scheme , font, and logo you love and stick with it.


Mine came from the first piece of clip art I could find for free on the internet. I’m still working on a logo, but it’s been 20 years and I haven’t got around to it yet


Agreed. Hire a logo designer and drive your town looking at the logos of multi-million dollar companies. Study the marketing psychology of colors.

It’s not my intention to offend, only help, but in my opinion these are VERY bad.


Who’s a good Fiverr logo designer you can vouch for?


Unique_design1 is my favorite