Stains below shutters

I am writing a bid on a place with vinyl siding but has these red shutters I am assuming have oxidized and washed the red onto the vinyl siding below them. I have read on many threads here that anything red can be a huge pain to wash because SH can cause the paint to run. Would a normal house wash mix remove these stains? I just want to manage the customer’s expectations regarding these stains.

No, a regular housewash will not remove the stains.


I didnt really think it would. I would love to knock this job out of the park since it is a rather large management company. What would you recommend to try to remove it? I’m thinking maybe an F9 product?

I honestly don’t know. To knock it out id the park may be to be reasonably priced and set realistic expectations.

If they are asking you specifically to remove a stain from the siding then you will probably need to figure out a way to do it in a timely manner.

If this is that condo complex you were talking about in the other thread they are probably looking to get it clean and not break the bank.

Yea, its the same complex. As I was doing my walk around and taking my before pictures, there were some siding issues that are making me think all they are looking for is a cheap, quick job. I’ll go back to what I have always been taught.Manage the expectation so that you can under promise and over deliver :slight_smile:


Its also important to have different chems, various chems, on hand to sample test. Im guity of not having done this myself, but I am just starting to collect the good ones here in the next week or so. Wifes in med school and way too little time on my hands.

F9 barc works well.

I haven’t needed to use any of the f9 products just yet. After diluting it to the correct ratio, can I just dip a brush in it and scrub the area?

For removing paint? I’d bring a graffiti/paint remover that’s safe for vinyl and only attempt to remove it if the rest of the siding it’s on isn’t oxidized. I’d also inform the customer that they need to remove the shutters asap or the stain will return. That being said, they should be removed first because I’m betting the same stain is sitting behind the shutters as well. Don’t go cheap for them if all they’re going to expect is cheap work from you unless you don’t mind that.

I just use a pump sprayer, works real good on brick when you have vinyl oxidation run off, especially white vinyl. A lot of it around here.

I highly doubt they will pay for this kind of restoration. Also, its on the 2nd story with an overhang right below it so its not the easiest thing to reach.

It looks very easily accessible, just stand on the roof. Depending on many factors it may come off easily if you have the right chems on hand. If they don’t want to pay you your price to get it done don’t bother dealing with them. In the end it’s all about what you feel comfortable doing the job for. Again, if the siding itself is oxidized, don’t even bother touching it.

Up sell stain removal 30-50.00 for the area. Just use pump sprayer on ladder. Spray, dwell, rinse and collect your money. Then again it will most likely come back.

Yeah it will with time for sure. If he’s going to just spray and dwell from the ladder he’ll still have to get up there and cover the shutter so it doesn’t get chem on it. It may also require some agitation.

That’s true, that might be the case.

I’ve attempted to do this as a window cleaner, more often than not the vinyl will be a different shade when you try to clean that off.

Well, what was your method? I’m guessing it was oxidized and/or you didn’t wash the siding when you attempted to remove the stains.

Used my scrubber with water/Dawn, dried then Goof Off or other various storebought chems. They all made it a different shade from the rest.

It was likely oxidized and you didn’t wash the rest of the wall. Not saying this can’t or won’t happen though.

Unless the house is less than 3-4 years old, I’d say all vinyl has oxidized to varying degrees.

I guess it boils down to how willing the customer is to getting the red off vs having slightly mismatched vinyl colors.