Stainless vs aluminum Titan hose reel

I have one all stainless titan hose reel for my pressure hose, and need to buy two more reels to finish the truck. I will buy another all stainless one for the ag hose and 12v pump but for the feed hose should I just go aluminum and stainless? Or is it worth the extra money for just feeding water through it but protect it from overspray?

Stainless is overkill. Titan is junk.


He may be wanting to stack his reels, dunno if you can mix other brands.

Anything is stackable.

All mine are aluminum with stainless internals that I run SH thru. What most people that use a lot of SH use. On my water just aluminum with regular manifold. Don’t think they make a stainless manifold in the 1" size, but could be wrong.

Is titan junk because of the strength of the metal that holds the hose?

Strength of metal, flimsy stands, cheap lock, cheap handles.

@Innocentbystander What reel do you use?


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Glad to hear this now! If I stick with pressure washing I was going to order a few this spring.

So if I paid to upgrade from the flimsy aluminum reels to the all stainless would your statement still be true? I currently have one all stainless and it feels nice but I don’t have anything to compare it to except some old crap reels from 20 years ago that I used to have…


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I have the SS Titan, so far so good, but just a year in.

I agree the lock on my titan sucks. When the kick from the gun jolts the line it will know loose the lock. Then I come back to find a unwound spool sometimes. Or it’s just real loose on the reel which make me have to pull it all out and wind it back up. So I just pull it all out and snake it in the yard. But I would prefer to be able to pull out what I need only with out this happening.

Hey, do the clamp trick Schertz showed me.

Pull out what hose you need, clamp the hose to the reel flange and lock it. Works great, no more birdsnest.


Mr. Grump, sir, why are they only rated to 3000psi (per several websites)? Do you have to special order them for higher PSI? Prices are all over the place on them 256-366 (and up) for the same model (1520-17-18). My rig will be 4k psi.

They have always had 3k psi rating. Not sure why. They are good for much more than that. your 4k will be fine. I pay around $325 to have my local Landa drop one off at my shop when I need one. Price is irrelevant. They will last over a decade before they become garden hose reels.

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Thanks, couldn’t understand why they were rated like that, seemed odd. Unfortunately, price is not irrelevant to me as I am shelling out loot and haven’t made a dime yet. Looking for PW hose reel and a water hose reel. Maybe I am cheap but am having a hard time shelling out $300 for a water hose reel, don’t mind shelling out for the PW hose reel.

I turn then into garden hose reel after I’ve replaced the manifold once. Get you a cheap Titan or summit reel to hold garden hose

Sprayer Depot has the best price on Hannay reels $260 for the 18" plus free shipping. If you want you can upgrade to a 5k psi super swivel for like $50. As William said though there’s no need to worry about it. Kind of like pressure hose. They’re probably good to 3 times what they’re actually rated for. You’ll never be running at 4k psi anyways.