Squid's Flat Rate Card

I’ve gotten more than a few emails from folks asking about the flat rate card. I don’t really send it out anymore because it became nearly a part time job. AND there’s a lurker from Kansas City or near here that used someone else to get the card or pretended to be someone else.

Lesson learned.

All our prices are decreasing somewhat in anticipation of interest rates rising in march which will affect the stock market and in anticipation of a stock market “correction” that will last more than a few months due consumer debt being at an all time high and multiple other variables. Do your research on the economy, beat your competitors to slightly lower TEST prices before they start getting turned down for being too high. Just my opinion, but it’s important as a business owner to be prepared. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Here’s a link where I breakdown the pricing cards. Read the post above and below it for info on testing prices.

I’ll post a picture of last years flat rate pricing card shortly since 1000 new ones are on the way with new rates and these are going to be glossy cards we can leave behind with the customer with the back telling the customer how to prepare for our visit, what our process is from start to finish so they’re educated, how they can review their service, and “what we don’t do”. I.e. artillery fungus, oxidation removal, bare wood cleaning, etc.


I am selling a house in mid May, do you feel this will affect my profit margins?

Selling your house should have nothing to do with your profit margins unless you have to pay more to rent a shop or are going to miss days of work to do it.

Don’t be too eager to lower prices. Economy still rocking now. Historically market goes up as interest rates rise. Last bull market like this there were like 5 or 6 10% corrections or more before it finally rolled over.

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Had this post already bookmarked!!! Thanks again for all the help

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You’re talking to the guy that carries a spare serpentine belt, belt tool, a roll of toilet paper, a change of clothes, and a fire extinguisher at all times in the truck.

Well considering you drive a Toyota that’s understandable :joy::joy::joy:


I know. The spare belt was definitely a waste of money. Lol.

LOL, I carry all of that too. Never know what you might need.

The fan belt IS a good idea, @squidskc , never know when you’ll come across a Chevy driver needing assistance.

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Id rather push a FORD

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