Source of Bleach in Houston TX area

I didn’t know where to post this so I’m putting it in uncategorized. This only applies to the Houston TX area. Everyone is trying to find a place to buy bleach that is either better or cheaper. I found a place in north Houston called Napco that sell 10-12% bleach in bulk (they will deliver 100’s of gallons) or put you on a route where they will stop by and top you off. You can also go into their location and pick up a gallon or two or they will fill up your tanks on your trailer. Pricing varies based on how much you buy but I’m having my totes filled up at my storeroom for $1.70/gallon with no delivery charge. Napco is a local, family owned business. They are located ate2830 Spring Cypress Rd, Spring TX 77388. My contact is Jud Rodriquez at 832-585-3278.


Good god, I wish I could get it anywhere near that price. Here in Maryland, I’m paying about $5 a gallon and that’s after a 15% volume discount.

I found these guys in Maryland and they do bulk delivery. Maybe they will be less:

Sweet! Thanks!

Thanks for the advice. Went there today and they’re absolutely amazing! Best place to get 12.5 SH in the Houston area.

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Glad to help