Source of Bleach in Houston TX area

We just opened up Patriot Cleaning Supply in Katy to serve the Houston area. Current price is $3 per gallon of 12.5% hot and fresh :slight_smile:
Patriot Cleaning Supply
2910 N Mason Rd #1
Katy, TX 77449
Houston bulk chlorine distributor

Stop texting our business line all the time, your price isn’t that good…and you’re nowhere near us…


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: savage

I know we’re in a new era of the world these days, but when did facts become savage? lol

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That part specifically was just savage. To be fair, that price would be incredible in my area. I pay about $5.25 a gallon delivered.

Prices vary all around the country. Most around the Houston area are $2.75 to $3.75 and a few of the major suppliers have stopped supplying to power washers so there is a need here for sure.

To be clear, I run Pressure Washing America, LLC and have been in the pressure washing and window cleaning industry since 2005 - branching out to now provide chemicals and other necessities in Katy just outside of Houston.

FYI - many will see this as a straight conflict of interest.

I have seen this statement about a pressure washer selling products to other pressure washers as a conflict of interest. What makes this confusing is that we have many examples of folks doing this, even some on this forum and yet no mention about it to their efforts. Is there some sort of distinction of when a conflict might exist and when it will not?

I think it can be done, but the question lies behind the intent. Selling built rigs to equip other folks, and making better stuff is one thing. I think when the motives turn solely to profit that it can take a turn. I mean, I’ve thought about reselling SH to smaller local guys…I get a good price so I could do a little better for them and turn over my supply faster, esp. in the late/slower season (regulations would be the biggest reason I don’t). If you have the interest of the industry and helping it grow as your focus, that’s one thing…I think where some folks have gone awry is being disingenuous in what they were really doing, and those things were hurting washers everyday, in the name of selling more stuff. I haven’t seen any of it firsthand, I just know that’s where folks are coming from. It’s best to have that in mind if you want to branch out into both sides of things is all…