Softwashing Houses

I have a 4.8 GPM Pressure Washer, we have a downstream injector installed.

I have been looking at the Downstream Nozzle Kit and it is recommended that I use:


Will these nozzles lower the pressure to a softwash psi?

Google search for a nozzle chart

Or search for one of the many posted on this site.

Figure out what your pressure would be with a given nozzle and then you decide if you want to represent it as soft or not.

If I look at the nozzle sizes below and read the chart I see that a 10 Nozzle puts me about 800 PSI, I get lost when I look at the 40 line because it does not go anywhere near 4.8 GPM, so what does that mean?


What chart are you referring too?

The one you posted in another thread.

I think you need ten characters to post?

I do not understand what that last comment meant.

The statement is in fact not correct. (Graduation was a long time ago).

What should the statement be?

I got it. I was looking at 4.0 not 40, the answer would be somewhere between 40-100 psi

As far as the definition of softwash goes, I am not going to even go there, that falls along the same lines as the cold vs hot water debate.

But for the sake of this discussion low pressure would be an honest answer.

It’s your sale. Your conviction.

But sub 100 psi seems pretty soft to me.

What are you rinsing with?

0040(SOAP HIGH) 40-100 psi
0010(RINSE HIGH) 800 psi
2540(SOAP LOW) 40-100psi
2510(RINSE LOW 800 psi

Some would debate that the 800 is softwash, but is it definitely lower pressure than a harsh 3000 psi. My goal is to be able to shoot my soap and rinse from the ground and do it at a lower pressure than the standard stock nozzles that come with the pressure washer.

You did a video where you passed your hand in front of the wand to demonstrate low pressure. At what pressure do you feel comfortable passing your hand in front of the wand?

We rinse with the soap tip. And some would say that that is too much because a water hose is the limit.

You get to decide if 800 psi is low enough for you and your customers. And you need to be able to defend your position.

Because some guy on he internet said it was okay is not a valid position

There is no universal truth here.

I agree. Until there is an industry standard, it will be left up to ones own opinion.

Use your soap tip to apply & rinse. You’ll be fine.

John Devine.

So just shut the soap off on my downstreamer and use the soap tip to rinse?

Thanks, Shut it off or turn the ball valve partial to induce pressure to shut of the flow of soap.

I couldn’t agree more with using the soap tip to rinse with … You can get in trouple with the Rinse tip … Don’t ask me how I know

Are you guys suggesting that I may only need 2 tips to soap and rinse, use them to soap then shut soap off and use the same 2 tips to rinse with?