Softwash booster pump

Has anyone ever used a booster pump to get to the tall peaks?
If so, what kind?

We have a 1 HP, Works great, made a 2 ft extention, will shoot a good 60 w/o wind.

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Here’s a recent post where i discussed them.


Hi, I’m new at soft washing. I would like to use a booster pump to set up a soft wash set-up. Can you tell me how to hook one of these up. A 12v is pretty easy but not familiar with a booster pump.


Hi, need info on which booster pump is the best to use. I also need someone to show me how to properly hook it up to a soft wash set-up.


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Hope this pic helps!


Would a 3500w Gen power a one horse power booster pump

No… You will need a constant 4200w so give yourself a bit of headroom and get a 5kva to be safe and sound.

I know this sounds a lot but I did my research and this is what I was told.

I’ve just come across this website which suggests a 2.5kva would be sufficient to run a 1hp booster pump.

Here’s the link:

Anyone else out there that can help answer this question would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve just sent NPE for clarification regarding this and as soon as I get a reply I will let you know ok.

Depends on amperage of pump. I use a 3500w powerhorse for my 3/4 booster, works great.

I’ve seen you can use one of the Honda 2200’s for a 3/4. Just ordered a 3/4 for the truck ykday

Yes it’s got the wattage, and the honda has the rated amps available @ 16 vs the 14.7 required for the pump, but it’s cutting it very very close. Our 2000 watt predator just can’t quite handle it from the amp standpoint. We’re gonna be trying the 1hp 3ph via vfd to bring down the amps though.

Say what?!

I know right? 3 phase power reduces amperage by a couple square roots or something. Either way, a vfd will transform power to 3 phase which reduces amp draw and can be throttled, cooler pumps, lots of advantages. Haven’t done it yet cause my 3/4 1ph pushes more than i need.

Think he was more so saying he has no idea what you’re talking about, as do i

Here’s what NPE had to say:

Hi Jet,

Your starting wattage will be between 2.5 to 3 times your running wattage which at full load will be approx 750 watts

It does depend on your starter and generator condition to overcome the starting wattage

Technically you can use a 2-2.5kVA genset to get your 1HP going on a DOL (direct online) starter application and should be running at approx 30% load

Hope this helps




John Lys
National Sales Manager

I guess the above answers your question.

YES…Your 3500w Generator will definitely run your 1hp Booster Pump.

Anyone ever try an RV AC soft start
They been around awhile works with fluid pumps also