Soft wash roof costs?

Hey guys so I hear about mixing Sodium Hypochlorite 1:1 for soft washing. I was told that the average house takes about 65 gallons of this mixture to do a roof or a house’s siding. That means that It would cost me about $260 in chemicals to wash a roof! the cheapest i have found sodium Hypochlorite is $530 for 55 gallons. This just doesn’t seem right.
The guys in my area charge around $100 to $200 to soft wash a roof. So what am i missing? This doesn’t add up.

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I pay $757 weekly for my 350 gallon bleach tank to be filled. That includes delivery. You need to find another supplier

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I dont understand how you guys are spending that much money on bleach. I only end up using at most 1 gallon per house and that is the 8.5% bleach. Maybe I am doing it wrong or apply to strong of a mix.

I pay $1.60 for a gal. Use about 20 gal on a roof.


so there is a big difference in the amount of bleach that should be used on siding vs a roof?

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Oh wow guys. so you all are saying that It absolutely does not take 65 gallons of 1:1 to do a roof? And that I should find a local supplier to get my SH from?

I don’t do roofs. 5 gallons of bleach should wash an average house


Where do you get it for $1.60? I pay $3.92/gallon with my new chemical supplier, but that’s with drop off and pick up of 55 gallon barrels. They’re 15 minutes away and I had to negotiate that.

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Pool supply stores in central FLA. I think the price is like $2.50. But with an account it drops to $1.60
And that’s 12.5 %

I just called a company called Reco in Wallace, NC today to get prices on 275 gallon totes. Same company by chance?

I got my tank at agri supply. My local landa dealer just keeps it full of bleach.

My bleach tank is on a platform at my shop. It has a 1inch hose and we gravity feed the smaller tanks in the trucks from it. Flood washed my old tank away last October. It’s probably in the ocean by now. Took a full 200 gsllon waste oil tank also

If there’s any food or beverage processing plants near you a lot of times they have those big containers laying around and will give you one or charge you a small fee

You guys have been very helpful. Thanks!

You just want to buy an empty one? Check craigslist, they are about $50 here.

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First look for a chemical company like Brenntag or Univar. I use Brenntag, and last time i paid $190 for a 55 gallon drum delivered 1 hour to me.

If you cant find one of those near you, try local pool stores… IF they carry SH, you can usually find 10% there. None of the pool stores ive checked in my area carry it.

After that, it’s 8.25% bleach from walmart @ $3 a gallon.

Where did you get quoted $530 for 55 gallons? Sounds like a mistake.

Roofs generally require a 3-5% mix, depending on how bad they are, and 40-60 gallons for an average sized roof. Generally.

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What you get for living in the middle of nowhere, lol. I pay anywhere from 2 -2.25 by the barrrel, I pick up.

No. One full of bleach.

I just started out. I have been using liquid pool shock from walmart at $3 a gallon. I use about 3-5 gallons for a house wash.

I direct inject about 8 to 1. It seems to be working pretty well so far.