Soft Wash on a Budget


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Well, after having done a couple of roofs with a pump sprayer…never again!, and then using a small 2.2gpm pump with a 25gal tank, I bought this skid mounted set up.

50gal tank, Hanney reel and 250’ of hose. It came with a Pumptec 12v but wasn’t working…I’ll tinker with it. I replaced with a 5.5gpm.

Can’t wait to try it out! Oh! I have $320 in it.


Sure beats $1,300 the local PW store was asking.


Wow! Nice buy!


Sweet I love a deal like that!..and it’s nice and compact…you can throw it on the back of your truck and make a spot for it on a trailer get double use out of it


@APW1 Ruben, nice find man. Congrats. That oughta make life easier on ya!


What’s the reason for the plumbing being like that?


Yes the T is confusing the heck out of me!!


I’m thinking it’s to agitate the mix…kind of like this…but this guy has valves to switch between hose and agitate.


But it doesn’t have a shutoff? Unless I just can’t see it!


That was my thought, too.


I could see if there was a 3 way and you could prime the pump and have the SH run back to the tank… but I’m all kinds of confused


I bet whoever plumbed it didn’t realize it was an on demand pump and ran that line as a bypass.


Yes, the T is to agitate and it keeps it constantly recirculating. It’s a test layout; I might add a shutoff valve if I think it needs it. Thanks for the thoughts.

This is temporary, I’ll be putting it on my trailer soon.


Can you please explain? I’m experimenting here…


this is nice! id like to do something like that


You will have to add in a shut off. Water flows at the path of least resistance. It will flow mostly back into the tank. Add a shut off between the T and the tank return inlet and you are golden!


My thought was to keep recirculating the mix. It’s a test. I might have to add the shutoff; we’ll see.


Thanks for the advice!


Those pumps only pump when the pressure drops. There is no internal or external bypass because there is no need for one.

I could be wrong but the guy who plumbed it probably was trying to save the pump and just overthought it. When he did that it made the pump run constantly.

It probably also reduced flow to the sprayer since the mix will follow the path of least resistance. For instance some of the mix would flow back into the tank when the sprayer nozzle was elevated. And once the pressure created by elevation was too much it would only pump back into the tank.


once its mixed it wont separate quickly. Maybe @CaCO3Girl can give a scientific reason. But most of our soaps and SH are about the same density once blended. I can’t see them “separating”