Soft Wash on a Budget


When you trying to spray, the water will be split. So you’d only get half the water going to the gun. Really it would be even less than half going to the gun because the hose adds pressure causing more to flow back to the tank.
Also the pump would be on 24/7 draining your battery faster and wearing down the pump faster.


I haven’t yet used it like this. I’m the one that hooked it up like this. It had a pumptec pump with two “outs” and two “ins”. One out going to the return. Thought maybe a good idea…trial and error. I’m thinking now maybe not! Lol



I see I was reading fast and didn’t realize you were the guy that plumbed it. Honestly I think it’s a great idea so you can be sure the mix gets mixed. Especially if you’re mixing on site. I would just add a shutoff valve somewhere in the circled area.


The average soap will be a specific gravity of about 1.05 (8.75 pounds per gallon)

12.5% SH has a specific gravity of about 1.15 (9.6 pounds per gallon)

Having said that, orange juice is heavier than water and you don’t have to stir constantly if you add the two together. Under heat parts might fall out though.

I’d caution that SH and surfactant (soap) isn’t supposed to be mixed for long. For one day, sure, making a weeks stock though would be a no-no. You don’t want anything exposed to SH long term.


One more thing add a drop down tube for the agitation hose as well because if you just spray 5.5 gpm on top of the mix in that tank for any longer than a few seconds you will create a suds nightmare.


No reason to re invent the wheel. These pumps are made to start and stop with pressure.

One line picking up the SH straight to the 12v and one line going out. There’s no need for other contraptions. Some guys will put a 3 way valve at the hose reel and have a small hose to fill up pump ups or to prime the pump if needed.


Drop tube is in on both sides. Thanks! I’m going without the agitation after everyone’s feedback! Thanks! Only thing I really want to agitate is my adult beverages…and I only do it once! Lol



Another thing is, after testing it, I get close to 40’ horizontal and about half that vertically. I’m guessing it’s the 3/8” hose?


the 3 90 degree elbows are likely the big problem. Get rid of those and see what happens.


Yes the 3/8 hose is small. I run 1/2 or 3/4 into my softwash pumps. always oversize the inlet pipe.


Thanks! Didn’t think about the elbows. Eventually (soon) the hose.



@APW1 how far are you getting now without the 90s? just curious


Haven’t tried it yet. I figured when I use it tonight, I’ll find out. Can’t see it making it worse. I’ll let you know. Thanks for asking!


Wow, this is like watching a live video feed. Where’s my popcorn.


Lol. This is the best place to get advice from…I learn, slow but I get there! Lol $2.00 bag of popcorn…


I think you will be much happier with your setup now. Simpler is almost always better.


Gained about 3’.


That’s awesome 1 foot per 90 removed… Not huge but any improvement in distance that doesen t cost ya anything is a win in my book!