Sodium Percarbonate instead of SH

I bought some SP and applied 8 ounces per gallon. Used it all day and it did a good job. From what I understand it doesn’t work that well after 6 hours. Is there anything we can add to it so that it can last longer?

More SP? Smaller batches?

Actually starts losing effectiveness after about 4 hours. Just mix what you’re going to use in that time frame. The answer to your question is NO

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what did you use it on?

I am currently using 8 ounces a gallon. What do you recommend to make a gallon of SP equal a gallon of SH in effectiveness.

Since it can do the same as SH I use it on the same surfaces I use SH for. I am still trying to figure out how much coated SP to use per gallon though. It also can cut through greases too though, so I don’t need a separate degreaser. It’s just that you need to buy a pallet of it and get it delivered and pour it before you start your day, make you batch, and use it within 6 hours. I see the other guy said 4 but that’s when it starts to lose potency. I’ve used it up to 6 hours many times. It’s just annoying having to go back in the middle of the day or carry with you all the powder in your truck to make another batch. Though, it is only $1.35 a pound and it really goes far. I use it at 1.5% just like with bleach on vinyl. Though I am experimenting with the rates that equal 12.5% SH. Can’t find anything online that says what does 12.5% SH equal to how much SP you add per gallon of water. One of the biggest reasons I use it is cost of it, but it doesn’t react to metal and plastic like SH. I believe all those sellers of equipment in the industry know this which is why they all push to use SH.

looks like 2oz per gallon, or you can triple it to 6oz per gallon is the common ratiio.

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I’ve been wasting chem then. Because I’ve been using 8 ounces a gallon. I’ll see what happens when I use 6.

Or, you could just is SH, which is cheaper, easier to work with, is approved by AVI and ARMA and has a shelf life of over a month.

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And it will still function OK well beyond that, if stored properly…

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Coated Sodium Percarbonate is a powder and lasts years. I don’t know where you get your prices but if you read mine above you can see I pay $1.35 a pound for SP. If I add 6 or 8 ounces a gallon that goes much further than an equal amount of SH, correct or no?

What are you using it to clean?

found this too

The same things you can clean bleach with plus it is a degreaser too.

Lol, let him pay more to clean less. Maybe he’s a Greg Tatum convert. Mr Softwash tried to market or a few years ago and Doug Rucker was his guinea pig. Doug had a mess when it dried on everything around the property he was washing. 8 oz of powder to a gallon of hot water does not equal a gallon of 12.5 SH in costs or effectiveness.

Well, that’s just interesting.

But this guys yelled at us for years telling us how good it cleans


You will get no where on this forum talking about SP. This is SH heaven and the SH gods have determined that other chems are loathsome things relegated to the uses of mere mortals. :grinning:

Ok, what IBS is saying to you is that he pays let just say $3.00 a gallon for SH, he adds a little soap, then he uses his injector to spray it on houses. Does 1 gallon of SH “USED” equal one gallon of SP, no, the injector dilutes the SH down to about 1 percent, so it goes farther than one gallon of SP. Now if you run SP through an injector, you aren’t putting it on heavy enough to really clean with, so you would have to go heavier than 8 oz a gal, which would ruin any potential cost savings.

I use sodium percarbonate on wood, on bad concrete sometimes, and other things. Unlike SH, SP doesn’t die on contact, a little agitation and it is working good as new. People will argue this, but they just say things and don’t provide proof. It’s degreasing property is why I like it on untreated wood decks, especially ones with grills on them. Cuts that down.

As far as making a chemical reaction and then adding something to stabilize it over time, I don’t know, that is too much chemistry for me.


From the softwash God himself Doug Rucker,

Not sure what thread that is, won’t open for me. But many years back I tried using the Calcium Hypochlorite, sold as powdered bleach. That did not work well. Left calcium stains on everything it touched.

I have used Percarbonate before and no issues with it.


Tell that guy to keep destroying his equipment with bleach! :joy::joy::joy:

Tell what guy? What thread are you trying to open? How about following so forum decorum and telling us who you are? SP is a sub standard cleaning agent for most of what we wash, so you probably won’t find much insight or help on it here. It’s mainly professional contractors who can’t really leave half way thru the day to go home and mix more. If it works for you, great. Bleach doesn’t destroy equipment as long as you don’t pour black on it or in it :slight_smile:

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