Sodium hydroxide mix?

How would you mix a sodium hydroxide solution with surfactants?

A big spoon.


So you want to add soap to your Hydrox mix.

Open container of soap, pour in desired amount into hydrox solution and then use the big spoon @sgb recommends. I actually make it in a 2 gal pump up and just swirl the pump up around. Done - Hydrox solution with soap.


You could just read directions

“Does not compute”


In fairness to the fellow he may have been concerned with the thought of mixing chemicals. Before I came here I never would have thought of some soaps having a negative reaction with bleach. Definitely been an educational experience reading here.

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Delete that brother, before you get banned, lots to learn here but you gotta have a thick skin.
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You asked a dumb question. You got a dumb answer. No need to get all bent out of shaped over it. Also if you would like me to see your insult faster put a little @ in front of my name. :wink:


Yeah ! We get creative when name calling, Ya gotta be more clever than that, Richard Cranium. @MoldMan

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Thin skinned. Kicking rocks is probably your best option at this point…

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I did like this one though.

I’m also super excited I know how to quote people now.

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Impressive, how do you do 2 different ones on the same post ,like you just did ?

I’m on a phone and I can just scroll back up and re highlight and quote again.

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See you should not ask for help then call people names. NO HELP FOR YOU. AMMONIA AND CHLORINE makes a great surfactant


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I love the evolution of this post in exactly 2 posts.

OP: asks ambiguous (yet strikingly complicated) question

@sgb: replies with snarky and obviously-baiting-for-clarification type answer. (Appropriate)

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I’ve got a few questions:

-Where do yall get your sodium hydroxide at and how many pounds is it?

-What form is it in? Is it a powder or a pearl/ bead type?

  • How do y’all store it? The caustic soda beads I’m used to dealing with on the rig tend to clump or turn to a liquid when exposed to air after a few minutes.

Thanks in advance