So Now What? How 'bout Windows

There are folks here who are very generous with information, time, and sometimes assistance. I had one of those people ask me about windows as his PW business slows for the winter. Specifically, he asked me to PM him with best/necessary tools of the trade. I will list those things I use frequently here, and hope some of the other window cleaners here will chime in as a help to those who might wish to expand their offerings.

Let me start by saying that almost all of my window leads with HA result in upsales for PW. Today I finished a $500 job for windows with a $250 PW upsale, and they are happier than pigs in sh$t. Their windows hadn’t been washed in years indoors, and decades outdoors, and they want me back in the Spring/Summer because they love my results. Their trim and siding around their wrap around porch by the bay looks exquisite. The point I make here is that although I only earn $50 per hour cleaning windows, repeats are near 100%, and often twice annually, and those window jobs result in PWing, usually surface cleaning drives.

OK, so here are my must haves, and I hope to get some help from @Steve and @Jordie and the rest of you who have crossed over from WCRA :slight_smile:

Moerman Liquidator 14": Don’t even learn how to use another squeegee, just dip your wick with this amazing mop/squeegee combo that has revolutionized window cleaning, then look at @Jordie vids at YouTube to learn HIS amazing technique.


I only do exterior windows but the 3 things I like the most are; the Wagtail, the waterfed pole ( reach it mini for lower stuff and the Gardner for higher stuff) and the unger 6 inch scraper

OK, dig it on the Unger 6" scraper, and must get the holder, don’t you agree? I use Tucker WFP, and a pole from England called Streamline that I like a little less. I’ve heard of the Gardner. What do you like the most about it, @Greg755?

Yep the scraper is sharp so it is a good idea to have the holster. I actually got the Gardiner because I wanted to use it to clean gutters and my fiberglass,pole was heavy and flexed a lot. So I got a larger pole thinking I would need the extra lenghts one day. It is light and pretty stiff but the reality is I don’t do anything over two stories when it comes to windows, so I got more pole than I need. It is might and I lije rhe locks. Down,side is that the sections are a little tall so I have to reach pretty high to extend it. Also I didn’t realize that it had European threads so I bought an adapter so I could use regular brushes in it too. I never use it with SH. The reach it mini is great for short people like me and a lot more covenant when doing single story windows.

A six-inch squeegee is a must for cleaning french windows and ledges.

Towels are mandatory (I like microfiber dark blue from sams), and you will discover that you’ll have three on you at all times, in varying stages of wet/dirty. You;ll rotate the d detailing out the dirtiest out & grab a fresh one periodically. You need the wet one to clean the sills/tracks until it gets too dirty, By that time, you’ll have another wet one from detailing out the edges of the glass.

Putty knife to help remove screens and unstick older windows.
$1 Dollar Tree hand brush for the screens and the tracks/sills. Also, spend a couple of dollars with WRC on a track brush. THAT’s a great investment.
0000 steel wool
Dawn and water is all I use in my spray bottle, strength unimportant as long as the squeegee glides nicely
Ettore replacement rubber for squeegee (must get slightly larger than squeegee if using the Moerman, so if 14" Liquidator, 16" rubber. You’ll learn how to cut it down)
Replacement blades for your 6" scraper
BOAB to hold your squeegee and mop (combined in the Moerman), and a tool belt to hold your stuff.

Your WFP of choice
You’ll need hose, and WCR sells their own brand that’s really nice
$7 power cord reel from Lowe’s for the hose
I use a bronze pad & pad holder that costs WAY too much on my WFP, but scrubs dirty windows BEAUTIFULLY.

@josh_cronin is my rep over at WCR, so maybe we can get HIM in on the discussion. How about it Josh?

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If you are thinking about doing window cleaning, please check out this series:

It is designed to help you save time choosing tools. Also, here is my channel if you dont know. My aim is to show the real life operations, day in and day out.

Also, the following channels are must haves to be subscribed to. They contain the best information by folks who truly want to help.

Additionally, the WCR video team communicates a lot behind the scenes so they we are working as a cohesive unit and bringing the best information to you.


WCR has a sale going of 20% off wfp, and accessories. They had the tucker cart at 20% off too.

Keep an,eye on them, a while back I scored a couple univalves, bronze pad and holder and tubing at 30 % off.
I forgot to mention I do use 0000 steel wool and bronze wool. Also the paint can opener is great for screens.
I am picky who I watch on YouTube. To many people. Are backed by companies just pushing products…
I use the exterior window cleaning to get my foot in the door, or on the other end as an upsell. Also people who have solar panels like it.
Basically window washing is something for me to do when I semi retire it is a lot easier than plumbing and way cleaner than drain cleaning. Both of which I am slowly fading out in my old age. Another thing I like about it is some times when I’m a little slow, I will stop for lunch and trade out some,window washing for a couple free meals at a restaurant or some gas at a gas station. So while I’m there doing it I really take my time,and it is kind of like getting free advertising because they see my vehicles and my shirt. Last week I did the local grocery store for 2 weeks worth of food I find I can get a little higher price for it when I barter it out. The 2 part time helpers will be eating hi on the hog for Christmas…


Like who? Can you give an example or two?

Its not you…:slight_smile: you can call me if you want but I am not going down this road on a public forum. Suffice to say it is very obvious when you watch them…

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I’ll throw in a few things that might be helpful.
I started out in this business as a window cleaner, adding pressure washing later on.
For my numbers pressure washing makes more per hour, but if you are just starting up window cleaning is a better route because the entry cost are so low.
Pressure washing is only more profitable if your schedule is full, in my opinion.
The lowest revenue per hour for me is interior windows, I am sometimes as low as $40, which works out to wages. But some of my best money is exterior windows AFTER a pressure wash. The pressure washing cleans most of the heavy stuff off the windows, cleans the frames, rinses most of the oxidation, so all that is needed is a quick scrub and rinse with WFP. Combined with a house wash I charge $3 for exterior only.

Average house 40 windows = $120 for maybe 45mins work. And the only expense is resin. An entry level WFP and tank can be had for about 1K to clean 2-3 stories. Great add on.

Also I encourage all my customers to leave the screens off their windows and send a card for a re-clean on the exterior every 6 months. This takes a 2-3 year PW customer and turns them into a more consistent revenue stream when it works. I run an Unger WFP and IPC 12" 4 jet brush. 250’ or 1/4 air hose and a 3/4 cube DI tank.

For interior work nothing beats a 14" liquidator, Pulex microtiger sleeves, GG4 and a couple drops of Dawn or Ecover. 6" Triumph scraper, bronze wool, 3" paint brush (cutdown) some micro fibers and scrims and you are good to go.

Though this year I would like to stop offering interior window cleaning for new customers and stay outside the house. The pay is so much better. I may still do some insides if someone wants a whole house package.



This is checklist that we use every morning to make sure we have all the supplies necessary to complete our window cleaning jobs. Hope it helps.



Joe @bubbad2u , I get HomeAdvisor leads frequently that want exteriors only. Guess how many times I have failed to upsell to the whole house in and out? You 're correct! I have NEVER just done the exterior or the interior. BUT, I LOVE the $3 upsell on the exteriors post PW, and the opportunity to get them in 6 or 12 months for a whole house window cleaning. As you clearly point out, my customers want to have me back every 6-12 months for windows, and you have just taught me how to turn EVERY PW customer into a window customer. I already mastered converting the other way: I upsell 85%of my window customers to PW. Now you’ve given me the key to do the reverse. THANK YOU!

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@Greg755, I think you should check out Nation!! I am 100% a rep for WCR tho, but still the show doesn’t always suck…lol

Just usually! See you in ATL in August.

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Awesome, I hope it works out well for you.

Hey Jersey. I have watched your show, most are pretty good. And i have commented on a few. I also watched most of you and the mole…

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Not going to call over such a thing. But could it not easily be misconstrued that all the WCR people are just that - backed by companies pushing product. In fact, Im having trouble thinking about who else is?

How do you discern the difference?

Trying to understand you better and gain perspective on how others may perceive Youtube videos.

Sheesh, what do you carry all that in? That’s 7 different ladders plus a bunch of other stuff.

What’s hard to discern? There are people who reccomend products because they like and use them and their are people who reccomend products because they are paid to or receive other incentives… To some viewers/consumers that is a big deal and to some it doesn’t come into play, they could care less.
George Washington said it best:
“Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.”…
Then you have a guy like Jersey who says I am jersey and I work for WCR. Very open and transparent.
What I can’t decern is why you made this about WCR?
I never mentioned WCR - I just said be careful who you watch on you tube… Not all you tube creators are above board.

How can you tell? Besides that its obvious?