So it begins

We the fun finally begins . Over the next few weeks I will be building two 9/12 gpm@4000 machines.
I’ve considered many engine but nothing could even come close to the isuzu diesels found in thermo king units . 40000 hour service life :flushed:
Kubota’s were the next choice at about 20000 hours.
35hp continues not intermediate
Parts easily available locally
Long service life
No computers
No def or regen crap . So this eliminated anything new 26hp is federal cap before emissions garbage.
All mechanical fuel systems. No common rail or any that requires electronics for fuel.

So here they are a pair of isuzu d201 engines
2.2ltr 34.8hp@2200

These engines also come with a speed increase selinoid . Huge plus. These machines will have two settings.
9x4000 @1750rpm
12x4000 @2350rpm Just by flipping a switch.


As long as everything on the engines check out things will go pretty quickly.
If they end up needing rebuilds first then that will set me back a few weeks . Machine shops around here don’t have quick turnarounds. But I think there will be fine. I heard them both run already and had no blow by .


That sounds awesome I cant wait to see them set up

Oh geez I can’t wait! Is there any way that you can add a second switch to make them “roll coal”? You know…for science reasons.


Lol unfortunately no. But I’ll put some cool 10” stacks on them just for you. Do you want mitter cut or bull horn style


I mean if you’re gonna do it you might as well go with bull horn so you look like a real coal roller!

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@florida_condo_cleani such a shame more people aren’t utilising these in commercial pressure cleaning. Give me one of these over a gx690 any day. I believe these were made specifically for thermo king?

I’d love a diesel powered set up in the future… Enough with these little gassers…

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Yes thermoking only engines made by isuzu.
The have one extra bearing on the crank and a 5 ring piston instead of the normal 3 or 4. These things are really over built .
Only issue is I have to make everything custom
Stub shaft/ bell housing / frame / radiator support / cover / heat shield
Nothing is standing SAE stuff after the flywheel . It will be fun

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Bingo gas engines especially air cooled gas engines just don’t hold up for me. I had all diesels before. When I built my current truck I went with kohlers. I never make that mistake again.

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Back when I was in the Carpet Cleaning Industry, I ran a Kubota 3 Cylinder Diesel… We worked the piss out of it day and night… Monday - Friday that engine would never cool down… It was still warm in the morning when I would pick it up from the shop from the night/morning before…

I almost felt bad for it, just a work horse!

Another good engine was the Nissan 4 Cylinder off the 210 Datsun… BEAST! It’s a 49 HP engine… I’m sure one can be used for pressure washing rather easy, the rpms where kept low on it

I had one of those Datsun 210’s, the ‘MPG’ model with 5 speed and electric engine fan only. Floorboard had a decent hole in it, engine was really efficient. It did snap a timing chain once though.

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@florida_condo_cleani make some jigs up to be able to replicate bellhousing later on and sell the kits. A lot of people don’t realise what a cost saving this will be long term To a business with the hours that these are capable of in heavy duty commercial style of work. I’ve only ever seen a handful for sale in New Zealand but I imagine there would be quite a few floating around in the states.

The problem with converting car engines is there is no speed governor to keep the rpms set under load. Also the water pumps are to small. And two much fuel at low rpms . But I do love my Kubota’s . My tractor mower and compressor are all Kubota’s

There are all over around here. Not very popular because of the flywheel and bel housing. Nothing mounts up but other thermoking stuff . They own the patten on it

Well Prochem must have figured it out, The prochem 405’s all had the 210 engine…

Actually, my father owns one and just a few days ago his cat pump when out, Picked one up from Jon Don… Belt drive Cat pump

@florida_condo_cleani I’m not sure there will be any patent infringement as it’s just bolt hole spacing that you would need the rest would be entirely unrelated to thermoking. Think of aftermarket clutches, radiators, starter motors, cylinder heads, exhaust etc they all share only the bolt pattern with the manufacturer that there intended for. I could be wrong I’m just thinking logically here lol

Your right I’m sorry I thought you were referring to a car engine. My buddies carpet machine has a Nissan engine in it . He loves it

Patents schmatents. LET’S ROLL COAL

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Damn, Give me a hot minute, I’ll have to buy bigger stack brushes, only got 8’s