So I ordered this yesterday and it came in the mail today

I have been wanting to throw in some new add on services and now I finally can do it. I ordered gutter bomb.
I got two jobs lined up and really need some pointers from your guys. I don’t want to have to experimenting 6, 7, or 8 times through the process of denial and error.

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1st pointer:

If your going to offer gutter whitening, schedule them in the summer months of 80 degree weather.


Soak everything around it first and during application. Especially concrete and paver stones.


Check gutters first. The paint will strip right off if not careful.


Forget offering the service at all when you get busy enough.


Bingo on all that. You will make tons more money not scrubbing gutters


Considering I am pretty slow right now because I am only doing one form of marketing, I can offer gutters. I think I can sell whitening with the house wash for 125 extra. People in my area really want white gutters.

As long as I can do it in an hour I am okay with that.

I am going to start installing gutter guards too.

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Nice, go easy on the mix, don’t let it dry, start in an inconspicuous area first.

Also try just sh, maybe 50/50 and scrub.

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Does scrubbing with sh work? I know it takes the mold off, but the oxidation seems to stay most of the time.

It should. It also helps with stains left by mud dobbers nests

Send that stuff back. I’ve got some I would have given you. Be sure to go by hardware store and buy you a couple of cans of gutter spray paint before you use it because probably at least 50% chance you’re going to strip some paint off.

Order you some Gutter butter. Cheaper and works like a charm and will work above 50 deg. Also good for vinyl restoration and metal roofs


Yeah, the temperature makes a big difference. That is no joke. It won’t work at all below 60 degrees or so.

I think F13 “ROCKS” Gutter Butter IMO not as good. Only stripped paint of gutters when first used. Have the proper portions dial in and can “spit shine” gutters w/ease! Pressure tek has extremely fast shipping, gutter butter not so fast.

Gutter paint is necessary for anything not SH. Kinda like batteries not included in the small print.


Power wash store ships it same day. Can’t get much quicker.

I’ve had terrible luck with Gutter Grenade gave up on trying to sell. If mix is to weak it won’t touch the streak’s if you strengthen it just a tad your stripping paint have not had any luck with Grenade.

May try gutter butter next season.

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I will give it a try on the house I am doing tomorrow. I’ll use a light mixture and rub it on rinse the second I put the brush down.

However I think I am only going to offer it when I can make over $100 on it. I have such limited space and the pole almost hits me in the head in my suv.

I believe it is just like every product. We all have our favorites and we all use what we feel confident works best for each situation. I pretty sure, (although I have no idea) they are all pretty much the same base of ingredients.


Might be easier to just repaint the gutters…rather than cleaning them.

Does gutter butter turn concrete orange? Is there a solution for gutter oxidation that does not have these problems?

What??? LOL, no it doesn’t turn concrete orange. In fact you can use it to get rid of rust stains.


I swear it made the concrete turn orange. It was new concrete too.

Do you think I just did not notice it and then seen it? I really swear it turned orange. I will bring some in a bottle and find a new piece of concrete somewhere and do a test.

You asked if Gutter Butter turned them orange. I have no idea about any other products. Anything any gutter cleaner might get on, you should probably prewet however.