Slap Fight. '93 UFC rules


Man this is cool. I figure 100 dollars for equipment and another 12 bucks for bumper stickers to market with and I’m good to go. All I need to do is borrow 92 bucks. If some one will loan it to me I will send a copy of my business plan for free. And since I am good with crayons I will include a professional hand drawn add that you can scan in and use on your own bumper stickers or on you Facebook page if you are that fancy…


Well if you have a business plan you’re way ahead of some folks here

Here’s a dollar. Gimme 10%


Man that is a good deal that will help me build up my credit too. This really is a great business.


I love being here with you guys.


Do you want to invest? I only need 91 more dollars… I will,make enough on the first job to pay everyone back plus pay off all my equipment


Yes Greg, you have me convinced me to invest the $91.00.

Can I borrow $!00?

I’ll pay you back as soon as the other deal pays out.


This is surpassing my wildest dreams. even the new people are helping out the new people. At this rate I will be ready to franchise by next week. And the best part is no one has picked on me or hurt my feelings. This is the coolest drama free troll less forum I have ever been on. I decided to specialize in car windshields. Every intersection is a gold mine and each franchise can have up to 4 intersections. In no time flat we can up sell mirror cleaning and bumper polishing. I just need a catchy name. Another side benefit is we don’t need no insurance because the cars are already insured ,


You only need to ask, buttercup :slight_smile:


Yeah, and y’all can polish some knobs, too.

Have to get some special help to cover that.


What do you charge to polish knobs? Is it hard to polish knobs? Did it take you long to learn how to do it? Can you polish them while in the intersection ? Is there a special,soap for knobs?
Do you have material to study or teach others to polish knobs? What is a knob? How many knobs does a car have? Sorry for all the questions but I never met a veteran knob polisher before.


My ex was one


Good luck with that, Just Don’t pick something goofy like window gleam


Creeping Craigslist… seems like a a perfect house wash pump. HIGH gpm and low pressure, calling Bob tomorrow to see if he has recommendation on optimal tips for DSing. Lookslike good condition… only problem is i will need a larger buffer tank and learn how to hook up to fire hydrant.

At 175gpm i should be able to do 3 house at a time right?


Man, I wonder what size buffer tank you will need with that monster of a pump?


Im going to upgrade to 125 gal tank. With a hydrant and a 5’ firehose it should keep up, minimal friction lose. Might need to feed with a homeowners spigot if low pressure though.


yeah, I would definitely double feed that monster. 125? I think you should look into an old milk truck tanker or something similar, just looking out for you.


Nah, water pressure in area is normally pretty good and exceeds my current 2.8 gpm machine.

Tanker is a good idea though. Thank you.


Well, I stand corrected. If you are already using a 2.8, you are more than double my 1.3 electric.
I’m not quite up to your “pro” level yet.

(P.S.- I’ve been looking to upgrade to a 175 GPM machine for a long time now. If you aren’t going to snatch this, Can you send me the seller’s info?)


This was a weird thread @squidskc


Not sure double feeding from the home owners spigot is going to work. Once you hook up to the hydrant you will kill the pressure in the entire neighborhood. You will only get a trickle from the spigot. Might want to consider having a second 75 gal tank that you piggy back with to give you the extra volume for rinsing.

I had a owner of a well known pressure washing supply, recommend to me that I use the hydrant in my front yard to fill my buffer tank for free. Their exact words “Yeah, you can get the fitting and hoses online for a few bucks and then fill your tank in under 5 minutes”. I said, really, you can do that. Response :“Well I wouldn’t be doing it in the middle of the day with the meter reader walking the neighborhood”. OMG - really, encouraging a customer to steal water from the city? Wow…