Slap Fight. '93 UFC rules


Please feel free to use this thread link in any post where ding dongs are on pace to hijack your thread. I’m guilty of getting into it with folks I disagree with and now I’ve got a place to take it to.

I’ll start. @Innocentbystander smells like Hobbit feet.




This is a great idea


Yeah,til some hijacks it!







So I’m new and I would like all your guys advise on how to get rich pressure washing.


Start by stamping every tax payment envelope you ever send. Especially if you wanna be like me.


Your my hero


I don’t blame you.


Well you are so squidly with those Manley tenticals… Do you think I can start this out of the trunk of my car and a good 2 gallon sparayer?


1 gallon. Save your money on the 2 gallon and buy a bumper sticker with your business name and contact info.


Laminated Post-It notes are cheaper (Maybe)… and you can gorilla glue them on other PW contractors Trucks/Trailers for more exposure.


Man this is good stuff. Should I use Mr clean or straight ammonia? And are Horse Hair brushes good?


The best. Pine Sol is the ticket.


Use brillow pads


Excellent with all that stuff I can branch off to auto detail in, widow washing and maybe roof cleaning if you can recommend how I can get up on a roof


After Christmas I’m ripping down all the tinse and baubles and burning all that Sparklesy shit!


You will need 3.8k psi machineto and customize 3/8” HP hose to the 4” fittings… you can float up over the roof, then just spray roof with your pump up sprayer