Show me your gnarliest roofs you've ever done

Let’s go. I’ll take ya fishing. Just got the boat in the water for the first time this year yesterday!


Ended up doing a car port, garage, and house roof. Had so many bags of debris I couldn’t fit them all and had to bring my pickup to take away the rest.

4.5 hours and collected my check.


Not gonna lie…this one was a little rough.


It blows my mind people let their roofs get this bad.

How long does a roof take to get so bad like the various pics you’ve posted the last few months?

I dont know…one…maybe two months? :stuck_out_tongue:

I would think that this is years and years of neglect. I had a come to jesus talk with thee people telling them that this isnt going away overnight and set proper expectations with them. I will check in with them next spring after the snow melts and re blow and re treat most likely. This one was a doozy.

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Some work in progress. Came back to check on this one and she seems to be coming along nicely. I was in a bit of a hurry so will take some after pics later on in the year. Blew everything off for the customer and re applied so will have a good collage of green to clean soon!



As usual I probably underbid for this. The guy wanted his back half of the roof treated, and the front just blown off and rinsed. I explained to him he would probably want the front to be done as well to make it uniformly clean but he didn’t want to pay for that. He was a bit grumbly about the front not looking as good but everything was discussed beforehand and he wanted to save cash.


What was your process on this one. Just roof mix and some soap?! Asking about blue roof specifically!

Wait for a sunny day because I don’t like falling to my death. Leaf blow the roof.and then gutters. Go down below and clean everything while it’s all dry.

I used 3% on this. It was pretty nasty. my proportioner soap is set to like .5 out of 10.

I know racer says pre wet the roof but I don’t because it’s not all that hot up here and that would take forever to dry enough for me to walk the dang roof again.

I apply on 3 to 4 panels at a time and work my way backwards. I use a 4ft lance hooked up to a m5 twist. I apply, let dwell, and if need be on the really gross panels, I will re apply. It doesn’t take too long. I then hit the gross stuff with the m5 while taking care to not wet the panels I haven’t worked yet. You need dry area to walk, and I just go from top of panel to bottom. Usually the 3 panels at a time like in the pictures.

Then I rinse generously. I always bring a soft bristled brush, but usually don’t need it. I used it the first 10 Minutes while trial and erroring.

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Dwell time is what you need. Someone on here said that dwell time is the one tool in our toolbox we don’t use enough of.

I never said pre-wet metal roofs, asphalt yes, lol. Your method works, I’ve used it and even a fairly dirty one, a couple of passes with my HW mix with about 5min dwell in between is usually enough.

@Racer when you say “hw mix” you mean downstreaming the hw mix or 12v straight softwashmix?

downstreaming regular hw mix but of course depends on how bad

I apologize then. For some reason I thought you also prewetted metal roofs. I know you pre wet the shingle roofs to make the growth more ready for chemical like a sponge, and then pre wetted the metal roofs to cool them down so nothing flash dries on there. TBH I have probably read too much and its all starting to blend together :stuck_out_tongue:

oh man. I dont have a remote, just a drop stick for housewashing so that would be the biggest pain in my butt haha.

I like using the 12v system because its less pressure and i can really focus on only having the 3 or 4 panels being wet. once the pressurewasher is in there it gets a little sloppy and wet so usually i have a panel or two barrier i use to help contain it and keep from getting trapped on wet roofing.

i also usually use 1.5-2 percent but this was BLACK. It doesnt show it justice in the pictures honestly.

No need to apologize. I haven’t done enough metal roofs to know, though if it was 95% and in the sun, I might, but would definitely let dry first. You’ve done more metal roofs in your first year than I’ve even seen.

Half priced haircut = Free mullet.

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