Should I rent a hot water machine?

I’m washing the drive thru and walkway of a certain Canadian coffee hot spot this Sunday and was thinking of renting a hot water unit for the job. They don’t cook with any grease so I’m starting to guess if it’s really worth it. My plan is to use EBC on the walkway and strait Zep purple on the drive thru pads along with brushing with a stiff brush before washing. Should I rent a hot water machine and does my plan of action sound wrong to anyone? All input is appreciated.

Does it have chewing gum

Not a noticeable amount. I wasn’t planning on removing the gum tbh.

Most drive thru 's have oil spots all over from waiting for there food ,coffee etc.

Yea this is one of them @Hotshot. That’s why I’m using strait Zep purple and brushing. To answer my own question I guess I should rent the machine to get the best result possible. It’s only like $60 to rent and would like to do more of these in the area. There’s quite a few around here as you can probably image…

Hot water makes a noticeable difference with oil/grease.

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You’re not cleaning the concrete if you’re not removing the gum. if you’re going to clean commercial concrete then you need hot water. there’s to many hacks trying to clean restaurants and shopping centers with cold water. rent the machine get the gum up and do it right


What the guy above said…

I do a lot of drive-thrus and restaurants. Hot water is a must to do it right and easy.

BTW - put some EBC down on the oil stains in the drive-thru.

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Good point, I appreciate it. I’ll go ahead with renting the machine. Any trick to getting the gum off easier or just wand it with a 15° or 25° nozzle?

EBC works better on car oil than a purple degreaser?

Go over with the surface Cleaner then pop gum and rinse at the same time with the 40 degree tip

I just got some double eagle I’m anxious to try. I’ve heard good things about it

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You can borrow my hot washer for a nominal fee… Bakers dozen of MAPLE GLAZED Tim Hortons doughnuts…@max1

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Overnight ship it to me and I’ll let you know :joy: It’s an F9 product so I’m sure it works wonders

I could only imagine how much the shipping would cost

:joy: I would actually send you a box but I have never had or seen a maple glaze at any Hortons around here that I can remember… unless you mean maple dip?

HCS 400 Is the best degreaser hands down. And yeah maple dipped my bad

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I use both. Say 1/2 gal Zep, 1/2 cup EBC. Throw it down, wait 5 minutes, scrub with a deck brush, wait another 5-10 minutes and then hit it with hot water.

For drive-thru lanes, if you can throw in some butyle into the mix as well. It is great for automotive fluid removal.

Check this out - Mixing some EBC (Enviro Bio Cleaner)

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PM me your address

I’m guessing at least $100 lol